Immature is a team we can not use heard indigenous in a while. The boy band rose to prominence in the 1990s and also were heartthrobs for young girls all about the world. They ultimately went there separate ways and also band member Marques Houston had the many solo success v chart-topping singles and movie roles.

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Brandy at 2019 BMI Awards | Prince Williams/Wireimage

The team has reunited and are at this time on The TB Tour, featuring B5, J Holiday and Day 26. While fostering the upcoming tour, the group spoke through Nick Cannon top top his radio show about their background and shared some within secrets. Among the tidbits revealed was about member Romeo, and how a physical freak accident including Brandy resulted in him wearing an eye patch.

Who is Immature?

Immature is a three-member R&B boy band. The group’s members are regulated Marques “Batman” Houston, Jerome “Romeo” Jones, and also Kelton “LDB” Kessee. An original member, Don “Half Pink” Santos, was later replaced through Kessee. The Los Angeles natives released four albums under the Immature moniker including On our Worst Behavior in 1992, Playtyme Is Over in 1994, We acquired It in 1995 and also The Journey.

Immature in 1995 | Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic, Inc

In 1999, in celebration of your 10 year anniversary and transitioning indigenous boyhood come manhood, the group adjusted its surname to IMx and released two studio albums – Introducing IMx and also IMx, and a best Hits album in 2001. They additionally played a pivotal role in emerging their “brother” group, B2K.

IMX disbanded in 2002 before attempting a comeback in 2010.

Immature’s Romeo claims an incident including Brandy left him blind in one eye

Immature and also Brandy were reasonably close when they were just starting out their careers. They were both regulated by chris Stokes and toured together, hence spending many of their time with each other on the road. Like most teenagers, there to be a the majority of roughhousing that developed between lock all but one work of fun and games caused a significant injury for Immature member, Romeo.

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According to Romeo, the eye job he’s come to be famous because that wearing is no a fashion accessory. In the 90s, there to be a rumor spread out that that was blind in one eye and it was as result of an incident that involved Brandy. Though he never ever spoke on that then, that recently shown in an interview with Nick Cannon that the rumor is true.

“Her and half Pint had obtained into it. She had actually a book in her hand, simply tossed that back, not reasoning anyone or i was that close,” Romeo explained. “ reduced my retina, detached it. And the lens to the eye had fell out and also Brandon Adams caught it.”