One of the first lessons learned through the Jeffersonians ~ their victory in the 1800 presidential election was
b. Marked the peaceful and orderly deliver of strength on the basis of choice results embraced by every parties.

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Thomas Jefferson observed his election and also his mission together president come include all of the complying with except
Thomas Jefferson and his pendant opposed john Adams"s last-minute appointment of new federal judges largely because
The cook justice who carried out, an ext than any type of other federal official, the concepts of Alexander Hamilton concerning a an effective federal federal government was
Before he came to be Chief righteousness of the supreme Court, man Marshall"s service at valley Forge during the American transformation convinced him
John Marshall, together chief justice of the unified States, helped to strengthen the judicial branch of federal government by
Thomas Jefferson"s failed effort to impeach and convict supreme Court righteousness Samuel chase for "high crimes and misdemeanors" supposed that
Arrange these events in chronological order: (A) Louisiana Purchase, (B) Chesapeake incident, (C) Burr"s trial because that treason, (D) Embargo Act.
Thomas Jefferson to be conscience-stricken around the purchase of the Louisiana are from France because
Lewis and Clark"s exploration through the Louisiana purchase territory yielded every one of the complying with except
b. Permitted trade with all nations yet promised that if one of two people Britain or France lifted the commercial constraints on American trade, the United states would prevent trading v the other.

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Of the following, the only discussion not placed forward by the war hawks as a justification because that a declaration of war versus Britain was that
c. Britain"s advertisement restrictions had come close to destroying America"s lucrative New England shipping business.
Arrange the following occasions in chronological order: (A) battle hawks go into Congress, (B) statements of war on Britain, (C) Embargo Act, (D) battle of Tippecanoe

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