The Pokemon games over the years have always introduced various balls in which you could catch Pokemon, v them gaining much more extravagant together the gamings went on. The brand-new phenomenon that Pokemon go is acquisition the an ext classic technique so far though, through only consisting of the balls found in Red, Blue, and also Yellow.

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At the begin of the video game you acquire the simple Poke Balls, i beg your pardon we’ve currently explained exactly how you can get more. After the came great Balls, i beg your pardon we also explained that you gain at Level 12. Adhering to this though, there are an ext to get, through the following being the all crucial Ultra Ball.

Ultra Balls room the round that you will use much more than anything else in the original gamings once you deserve to start purchase them, as they are virtually necessary come get higher level Pokemon without some serious luck, and they aren’t limited to one prefer the master Ball.

There is for sure no means to to buy Ultra Balls in the video game at all, but you will obtain your an initial batch that them as soon as you with Level 20. After this point, friend will be able to find them in ~ PokeStops, just like with an excellent Balls, but they can not be purchased in ~ this time.

- This post was updated on march 8th, 2018

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