Native southern Magnolias

Bigleaf Magnolia

Native. Magnolia macrophylla Bigleaf Magnolia. Restricted quantities. Bigleaf Magnolia is best known for the large oblong-obovate leaves which are the largest an easy leaves of any type of North American aboriginal tree. Leaf is bright green on top and silver-gray underneath. Fragrant, cup shaped flowers bloom in beforehand summer. Blooms room white through a pale pink base. Red seed pods appear after flowering.


‘Bracken’s Brown Beauty’ Magnolia

Native. Magnolia grandiflora ‘Bracken’s Brown Beauty’ southerly magnolia. Evergreen tree 20′ – 30′. A more compact southerly magnolia for small landscapes with a pyramidal growing habit through an oval crown. ‘Bracken’s Brown Beauty’ has actually the oblong, leathery textured pipeline which southerly Magnolia is recognized for. Leaf is glossy, dark green on peak with a cinnamon brown underside. In the spring and ‘Bracken’s Brown Beauty’ produce large, creamy white, fragrant saucer shaped flowers. Main bloom is in late spring with sparse blooming throughout the summer. A beneficial landscape plant together a tall, dense privacy screen, specimens or ago of a border tree.


‘D.D. Blanchard’ Magnolia

Native Magnolia grandiflora ‘D.D. Blanchard’ southern magnolia. Evergreen tree 50′. Large, glossy evergreen leaves through rusty orange brown undersides, lighter than other southern magnolia cultivars. ‘D.D. Blanchard’ is one evergreen tree through a compact, pyramidal expansion habit. Flowers room creamy white, an extremely fragrant and also globe shaped. ‘D.D. Blanchard’ might be used in a landscape as a tall, thick privacy screen, specimens or back of a border tree.

‘Kay Parris’ Magnolia

Native. Magnolia grandiflora ‘Kay Parris’ southerly Magnolia 20′. A fast growing flowering tree through the classic white flowers of a southern magnolia. Compact, upright growth. ‘Kay Parris’ has actually bright environment-friendly leaves i beg your pardon are very glossy if the undersides space a stunning deep orange brown. The smaller size renders it appropriate for a little space see or yard.


‘Little Gem’ Magnolia

Native. Magnolia grandiflora ‘Little Gem’ Dwarf southerly magnolia. Evergreen tree 20′ – 25′. Evergreen tree with pyramidal shape and smaller, dark environment-friendly foliage v a rusty brown underside. ‘Little Gem’ has a really compact narrow form, making it advantageous for smaller sized gardens. That blooms at a an extremely young period with major bloom is in late spring then sparse blooming transparent the summer. Big white flowers room fragrant and also showy. ‘Little Gem’ is a popular selection for Georgia gardens.


Sweetbay Magnolia

Native. Magnolia virginiana sweetbay, swampbay, or swamp magnolia Evergreen Tree 20′ – 25′. Medium to quick growing. Evergreen to semi-evergreen, medium eco-friendly leaves have actually silver underside which has a frosted appearance. The foliage of Sweetbay is a lighter green than southerly Magnolia cultivars. The shining scarlet red seeded fruit i m sorry ripens in so late summer attractive come birds. Large flowers of Sweetbay space creamy white and an extremely fragrant with a light lemony scent.

Japanese Magnolias


‘Betty’ Magnolia

Magnolia macrophylla ‘Betty’ bigleaf magnolia deciduous 10′ – 20′. Huge purplish – pink flowers. Component of the small Girl Series, functions a shrubby habit and large, showy flowers in spring. Blooms room a stunning red purple and cup shape, emerging prior to the leaves. ‘Betty’ is a wonderful choice for lawn plantings, together a foundation plant or in casual hedge. ‘Betty’ might bloom sporadically in summer.

‘Ann’ Lily Magnolia

Magnolia liliiflora ‘Ann’ Lily Magnolia 8′-15 . Very early spring bloom magnolia with purple-pink blooms that appear before leaf emerges. ‘Ann’ magnolia is component of the f the ‘Girl Series’, a group of trees emerged to resist late frosts.


‘Butterflies’ Magnolia

Fragrant. Magnolia ‘Butterflies’ deciduous 15′ -20′ v large, yellow flowers. ‘Butterflies’ is an unusual magnolia tree due to the glowing yellow flower in spring. ‘Butterflies’ is heat and also cold tolerant, as well as will pardon a small shade. Yellow flowers appear before leaves.

‘Cameo’ Magnolia

Magnolia x ‘Cameo’ Japanese magnolia 12-15′. Is well-known for its plentiful flowering. Blooms space reddish violet on the outside and white to reddish purple on the inside. ‘Cameo’ Magnolia flowers in spring and also sometimes will develop sporadic bloom during summer. The little size and also compact form make that an idea for little space gardens and also landscape plans.

‘Galaxy’ Lily Magnolia

Magnolia x ‘Galaxy’ Lily magnolia 30-35′, deciduous. Bright eco-friendly foliage. A hefty bloomer through of large, reddish purple flowers so late in the season, ‘Galaxy’ is a strong grower with an upright form. It might be easily trained as standard.


‘Jane’ Magnolia

Magnolia x ‘Jane’ Japanese magnolia. Deciduous 10′ – 15′. Hardy shrub or small tree, ‘Jane’ is a member that the ‘Little Girl’ collection of Magnolias. Blooms in late spring to protect against frost damage. Flowers appear before the foliage and also are showy a red purple color on the exterior with a color of white on the inside. Blooms are big and tulip form with a light fragrance. Sheet is deep green with a slight leathery appearance. ‘Jane’ is a good pick as an interval shrub, small specimen tree or or mixed garden.


‘Margaret Helen’ Magnolia

Magnolia ‘Margaret Helen’ Japanese deciduous 15′ – 25′. Bowl shaped, lavender violet blooms. Flowers freely borne also on young plants prior to leaves emerge. ‘Margaret Helen’ has a multi branched, upright habit.


Star Magnolia ‘Centennial Blush’

Fragrant. Magnolia stellata ‘Centennial Blush’ Star Magnolia 15′-25′. In spring, pink tinged buds open up to large, fragrant white flowers. ‘Centennial Blusy’ is a prolific bloomer through flower buds created at nearly every node yielding a an excellent floral display of breakable white extending the entire plant. In late summer, attractive, reddish environment-friendly seed pods form, opening expose pink, red, or orange seeds.

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Star Magnolia ‘Royal Star’

Fragrant. Magnolia stellata ‘Royal Star’ Star Magnolia. Deciduous little tree 10′ – 15′. Might be get an impressive in shrub kind in a large, oval shape or as a tiny tree v a spreading, rounded crown. ‘Royal Star’ is very showy in bloom. In early on spring, fragrant flowers show up before the foliage. The blossoms are star like, twin white and have a slim pink tint. In late summer ‘Royal Star’ produces seeds in greenish ford which break-up open during fall.


‘Vulcan’ Magnolia

Magnolia ‘Vulcan’ Japanese deciduous 15′ – 25′. Showy, brilliant magenta red blooms room very big and greatly textured because that a spectacular spring display. ‘Vulcan’ has actually an erect, open branched habit once young that grows right into a an ext rounded shape as it ages. ‘Vulcan’ is prized because that the unique red flower shade and huge size that the blooms.


‘Yellow Bird’ Magnolia

Magnolia Japanese deciduous 40′. A big Japanese magnolia through bright, canary yellow flowers. The blooms space 3 1/2 inches across and showy.

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‘Yellow Bird’ flower in early spring before foliage emerges.

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