Telenor Answers now 8 respectable 2021Q-1 In i m sorry year walk Pakistan victory the Cricket world Cup?Telenor answers 6 respectable 2021

In i m sorry year did Pakistan win the Cricket people Cup? here I noted the exactly answer come this concern for Sunday, 8 respectable 2021. Usage this prize in my Telenor application quiz questions.

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In i beg your pardon year did Pakistan victory the Cricket people Cup?

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Below I noted the correct answer come this inquiry in detail with 4 options, that will aid you far better to know the answer.

Q-1 In i m sorry year go Pakistan victory the Cricket world Cup?


Correct Answer: 1992

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Q#2 that is the faster bowler that Pakistan?

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Telenor price No.1: In i beg your pardon year walk Pakistan success the Cricket human being Cup?

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Telenor answers 6 respectable 2021

Q#1 In which year go Pakistan victory the Cricket people Cup?

Q#2 who is the faster bowler the Pakistan?

Q#3 i m sorry of this is the most used car in Pakistan?

Q#4 Pakistan has never won a people cup in which sports?

Q#5 What is the nick name of Pakistan’s cricket team?

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In i beg your pardon year walk Pakistan success the Cricket civilization Cup? The purpose of this post is to administer the exactly & specific answer come this question. This will helps friend to happen the quiz. This answer is already obtainable on the web but, we provide to the suggest & we also give a link to that website from whereby we discovered answer detail.