Niall Horan will soon be making a phone contact that starts with the native ‘daaaaa-aaaaaad’. Yup, good old Bobby Horan has been doing some more sharing about his young love life and also this time he’s even talked about s-e-x.

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Opening up around Niall’s past when it dearteassociazione.orgmes to the ladies, Bobby claimed that his cheeky blonde son has actually never had actually a girlfriend since he’s besotted with a neighborhood girl in his hometown.

The ireland butcher told heat magazine: “There’s a regional girl the Niall loves. I understand he think of her as his sweetheart.

“She’s really attractive and also they’re close, yet I don’t recognize whether he is made any developments on her yet.

“She would certainly stand she ground with any type of of this beautiful celebrities.

“She’s a brunette with large brown eyes and also pale skin favor Niall’s. She’s from the town, but the other end to us and also I constantly knew Niall has huge feelings because that her”.

Niall has been hanging out through his mum at house for the last few weeks (

Bobby wouldn’t reveal who the girl was, but he went on to talk about whether he believed that Niall had actually lost his virginity.

Again, ‘daaaaa-aaaaaad’.

He told the weekly magazine: “He never really carried girls home.

“He had some girls that were friends and they would certainly all sit on the wall surface outside together, however that to be all.”

Still single? There's not really room for two in that bed anyway

Ah yes, we remember the work of sitting on the wall surface with boys external our house. Good times.

Bobby dearteassociazione.orgntinued: “He saw an all-boys' institution so that was hard to meet girls, however that's certainly readjusted now.

“I don't think he's a virgin. I dearteassociazione.orguldn't say. Ns wasn't in the house all the time, so ns don’t really understand what go on when I wasn't there.”

Oh Bobby, what a guy.

And you recognize which various other One Direction star probably isn’t a virgin? Zayn Malik – he’s just been pictured leaving Perrie Edwards off tiny Mix’s house, hasn’t he? and also it looked favor they were holding hands and all.

One Direction room now back in the UK - want to see photos of your yummy faces? Click here.

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