Prepare yourselves to meet the height ten movie car of all-time. Ever. Period. Ours grading device is the end of 100 possible points and also is based upon the uniqueness of a car’s customization (40 possible points), that is coolness (30 feasible points), and its thematic relevance (30 possible points). These rankings were not got to easily. In fact, castle generated plenty of arguments, 5 games that Rock record Scissors, 3 staring contests, and also a on facebook de-friending (since rescinded, yet still). The rides top top this list are customized, cool, and also reflective of the characters and also conflicts that drive few of our most gut-busting stories!

10. Reese Bobby’s Chevelle (Talladega Nights); 1969 Chevrolet Chevelle Malibu


Customization: Reese’s Chevelle sporting activities a practice gold and also black repaint job through a red racing stripe. The Malibu additionally dons tradition gold wheels that enhance its top and numbers. It kinda looks prefer the German flag, only it mirrors grits rather of gruyere. (30/40)Cool Factor: In irreconcilable contrast to Reese’s mangy disposition, his vehicle is cherry. (20/30)Thematic Relevance: The Chevelle provides the background to Ricky’s rediscovery of his enthusiasm for rate (as he gyeongju a bag of lucky Charms far from Johnny Law) and helps the realize that he doesn’t must win come be loved (he achieves inner tranquility chauffeuring a hungry cougar). (20/30)

Total Score: 70 Points

9. The Shaggin’ Wagon (Dumb and also Dumber); beginning Unknown


Customization: The Shaggin’ Wagon is modified beyond recognition. Its furry exterior consists of a nose, mouth, tongue and tail, as well as matching ears, feet and corporate signage. That interior contains a fuzzy dashboard, glove box, and also front seats, and a gutted windowless rear section. (40/40)Cool Factor: Harry best sums increase the allure the this street legit sheepdog, “Hey, chicks love it. It’s a shaggin’ wagon.” (20/30)Thematic Relevance: The Shaggin’ Wagon isn’t main to Dumb and Dumber plotlines, although the does represent an exciting symbol the Harry and Lloyd’s dumbness (after getting fired by Mutt Cutts, take care of laments that he spent his life savings converting the van to a dog; Lloyd later on trades it because that a moped, straight up). (15/30)

Total Score: 75 Points

8. Mr. Frye’s Ferrari (Ferris Bueller’s day Off); 1961 Ferrari 250 GT California


Customization: if Cameron’s dad’s Ferrari is much less customized than most of the dare on this list, it certainly qualifies together rare. Much less than 100 models space in visibility today. (20/40)Cool Factor: This ride is best described by Ferris himself, “It is for this reason choice. If you have actually the means, I very recommend picking one up.” from the Star Wars inspired underbelly shot come the peel out in prior of major Rooney, the Ferrari displayed the independence and freedom that moral high schoolers have the right to only dream about. Nothing can be cooler. (30/30)Thematic Relevance: Ferris’ effortless method to life is in stark contrast to Cameron’s struggle to find his voice, and both characters’ interactions through this whip to mark the divide. Where Ferris appreciates the arts of the automobile, Cameron is paralyzed by its (read: his) vulnerability, “It could get wrecked, stolen, scratched, breathed on not correct – a pigeon could shit ~ above it.” Someone pass Cameron a Xanax! (30/30)

Total Score: 80 Points

7. Bluesmobile (Blues Brothers); 1974 evade Monaco


Customization: though it no look choose much, the Bluesmobile is no ordinary set of wheels, together Elwood makes clear to his brother, “It’s acquired a cop motor, a 440 cubic inch plant. It’s acquired cop tires, cop suspension, cop shocks. It’s a model made before catalytic converters for this reason it’ll run on constant gas.” The Bluesmobile is likewise used together a marketing tool once the Bro’s strap a large megaphone come the roof to promote your concert. (31/40)Cool Factor: it doesn’t obtain cooler 보다 Jake and Elwood Blues, and any ride they cruise in will score high marks v us. And also frankly, if girlfriend can acquire past the cop thing, the sedan’s officially black and white exterior evoke that chic ‘60’s Mad men / Reservoir dog look. (28/30)Thematic Relevance: The Bluesmobile offer as an essential transportation throughout the movie (Jake and also Elwood are frequently on the run). Most notably, that the linchpin in a preposterously epic car chase, and it’s responsible for transporting the brothers Blues indigenous the royal residence Hotel Ballroom to your concert finale in Chicago. Remarks Elwood, “It’s 106 mile to Chicago, we got a full tank the gas, half a pack of cigarettes, the dark out and we’re put on sunglasses.” Jake answers, “Hit it.” us couldn’t agree more! (22/30)

Total Score: 81 Points

6. Ecto 1 (Ghostbusters); 1959 Cadillac Miller-Meteor


Customization: aside from its tradition “WAAA WAAA” siren and red and also white repaint job, the Ecto 1 attributes an internal pullout rack because that the team’s proton packs, and a bevy that roof mounted equipment, presumably through banshee brawling utility. (36/40)Cool Factor: The Ghoulmobile’s stylistic shape and also colorful behind fins offer a distinct juxtaposition come the stagflationary grays of early on 80’s Manhattan. Every time it’s on screen, this beast has actually POP! (25/30)Relevance: Racing with urban roadways accompanied by ray Parker Jr.’s heel-pounding layout song, the Ecto 1 is responsible for acquiring the ‘Busters busting ASAP.

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That plays a central role throughout among the zaniest film franchises of all time. (22/30)

Total Score: 83 Points