This novel take away place during a dystopian era, place its personalities under regulate of their government. The novel primarily concentrates on Luke Garner and also Jen Talbot, that unwrap the fact of your society.

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Click come see complete answer Herein, what is the setting of among the hidden?

Although among the Hidden does not have actually a specific setting, the story takes place in an America not as well different and also not too distant from our own. Throughout the food of the novel, the reader learns a lot about the culture in i beg your pardon Luke and also his family live.

Also, whereby does amongst the betrayed take place? The publication takes place in multiple settings. A prison, where Nina is retained with other third children. The forest, wherein Nina, Matthias, Alia, and also Percy escape to. The Hendricks house, whereby Nina steels fruits and vegetables from the Hendricks" garden.

likewise question is, what time period is amongst the hidden?

In a dystopian future, after ~ a shortage of food and also overpopulation, households are restricted to 2 children. Luke Garner, a 12-year-old boy, resides on a farm through his mother, father, and also two brothers.

What is among the covert theme?

The main themes that "Among the Hidden" room friendship, family, freedom, and courage.

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What is the dispute of among the hidden?

The very first conflict is in between the law and also his parents who violated the law. The 2nd conflict is Luke"s have to stay for sure from the government. Luke is additionally in conflict v his parents because he desires to have the ability to go out and also be like everyone else.

What room barons in among the hidden?

The protagonist that Among the Hidden, Among the Impostors, Among the Barons, and also Among the Free. That is the third child of a farmer and also has lived most of his life hidden in his home with no firm aside indigenous his family. He has two larger brothers, Matthew and also Mark.

What is the atmosphere of amongst the hidden?

The mood of among the Hidden is suspenseful. I was constantly guessing and also anxious. I didn"t know what was going to occur to Luke, Jen, or the Garner family. Mood- The emotion(s) the you feel while reading the book.

How old is Luke in among the hidden?


What is the resolution of among the imposters?

The resolution is as soon as Jason shot getting every the boys thrown in prison the populace police come and Mr. Talbot. Who is Luke"s girlfriend sees all the other boys through lying and saying Jason is the only 3rd child and also that every the various other boys he has met and he knows that they room not.

What is Loki"s mom"s surname in amongst the hidden?

Loki"s Mom
Loki"s mommy goes by two names; Nal and also Laufey.

How go Luke readjust in among the hidden?

Luke Garner- the is a twelve year-old boy through pale skin and also a vulnerable looking body. That spends his life hiding since he is the third and forbidden kid in the Garner family. He could be seen as a “mama"s boy” due to the fact that he likes the attention she provides him and seeks her comfort.

Who is the antagonist in among the hidden?

Jason: main antagonist in Among the Impostors. One undercover population Police informant. Future personality in the series. George Talbot: Recurring character from Among the Hidden.

What genre is Haddix among the hidden?

Young adult fiction

What is Luke"s brand-new name in among the hidden?

Lee Grant

What kind of book is among the hidden?

Science Fiction
Young adult fiction
Dystopian Fiction

What does Jen look like in amongst the hidden?

Jen Talbot is a respectful, brave, honest, and also caring hearted person. Once Luke Garner an initial met Jen he had to break into her house and also sneak increase on her. Jen Talbot is a brave human being she wants to put all she has into making it so the population law doesn"t exist.

How numerous words are in amongst the hidden?

Among the hidden (Shadow Children publication 1)
attention Level reading Level Word counting
Grades 4 - 8 Grades 3 - 12 32127

What happens at the end of among the free?

Luke switches back and forth, as to whether he desires to continue to be in hiding or speak up because that his appropriate of freedom. In the end, Luke decides come speak up for his civil liberties of freedom, which likewise leads come the flexibility of all the people in the country, especially 3rd children.

Does Luke dice in among the hidden?

So, Luke sneaks over the Jen"s house and snoops roughly until a male shows up waving a gun in ~ him. However it"s cool: transforms out the man is Jen"s dad, and also they have a small heart-to-heart about Jen who, Mr. Talbot informs Luke, died in ~ the rally.

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Who is the narrator of amongst the hidden?

Third human (Limited Omniscient)
Luke Garner has actually nothing to hide indigenous us—or at the very least nothing to hide indigenous the narrator, that hides nothing from us. The key ingredient in this narration is the it concentrates on Luke"s innermost thoughts and also feelings.

What is the Lexile level of among the hidden?

Among the Hidden
Guided reading Level Z
Lexile® Measure 800L
DRA Level 70

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