Now and also Later were an initial introduced in 1962 with just three flavors by the Phoenix liquid Company. They were designed as an all-year-round candy, no difficulty eating this in the summer.

The small individually covering taffy squares start tough but become chewy. One of the initial taglines because that the liquid was “Eat part now, conserve some because that later.” (I mental the tune for the jingle, however nothing past those words.) They currently say, “Hard ‘n Fruity Now, Soft ‘n Chewy Later.”

The 18 piece classic bar attributes the spices Strawberry, Grape and Lime. In some means they resemble Starburst, since they room a fruit chew (they were presented as Opal fruit in 1960 in the UK) or Tangy Taffy which was sold in bars the you might whack and also break right into bite size pieces. (That’s currently discontinued.)

Now and Later have actually gone v a few different typical flavors and also even a few owners. Phoenix Candy firm of Brooklyn, NY later sold out to Beatrice foodstuffs (1978), who later sold your confectionery lines come Huhtamaki Oy of Finland (1983) which then turned around and also sold it off in 1986 come a Finnish invest firm dubbed Kouri Capital. They held onto it until 1992 as soon as they marketed it to Nabisco (who also held LifeSavers earlier then). Then it was sold to Kraft ... At some point landing in ~ Farley’s and also Sathers in 2002. (Either human being really love this liquid or simply don’t know what to carry out with it.)

Wikipedia has actually a fun list of every the flavors known to have actually existed. Also today, there room a many flavors the Now and Later, though I never see them in stores.

The most typical format because that the candy these job is one of two people the pack shown here or in tubs that either blended flavors or solitary flavors.

I ate a most these together a kid. They come in 5 cent package (little stacks that the squares), so were straightforward to buy also when ns had tiny money. Yet I offered up on them later on as I gained my irreversible teeth. There was something anxiety-producing together I wasn’t disciplined sufficient to just let them soften in mine mouth, I had actually to chew castle while they were still hard and then anchor my jaw together.

Grape: was always my favorite in the Now and also Later pantheon. Man-made through and also through, that tastes prefer SweeTarts and also ball suggest pen ink smells. Not terribly tangy, yet still flavored to the an extremely end and also never gritty or grainy.

Lime: the neon green wax wrapper is suitable by the neon green color of the candy. It’s very tangy and has the smell of Lime Kool-Aid.

Strawberry: is a well-off pink color. The odor is at as soon as like strawberry jam and those Italian strawberry tough candies that have actually the gooey filling. Tangy, fragrant, artificial and satisfying.

Now and also Later don’t ~ pretend to it is in healthy, there’s no actual fruit juice in there, no detectable levels of vitamin C.

They can also be thought about vegan, together they save no animal products. (But do have actually soy, because that those who might be sensitive and also are processed on machinery that also handles eggs.)

A while ago Farley’s & Sathers introduced Soft Now and also Later, which seem to settle that difficulty most adults have with them.

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Soft Now and Later are actually soft! They’re soft sufficient to bending while still in the wrapper.

A continual N&L is one customs square and a quarter of an inch high. The Soft N&L is one and a quarter inches square and a third of an customs high.

And castle come in oodles the flavors.


Grape: this was the just crossover flavor i had between the regular and also soft. It has an identical flavor. The texture makes it a tiny less punchy at first, however after the it’s tangy and artificial to the really end.

Banana : insanely chemical, so much that it’s favor inhaling fingernail polish remover. Sweet and chewy, not quite as great as Laffy Taffy, however darn close. Even though they’re quite horrible, i love them more than any type of of the various other flavors. (I can’t explain it any type of further, it’s kind of favor circus peanuts.)

Vanilla: is a pretty toasty cream color. That tastes exceptionally artificial, yet pleasant, rather choose toasted marshmallows. Lot softer chew than Tootsie’s version.

Chocolate: it’s a glossy-rich red-brown. It doesn’t smell prefer much, and also really doesn’t taste choose it either. Type of choose a really sweet brownie batter. The chew is nice, but as whole I’d more than likely go v Tootsie Rolls.

Watermelon: is a zap of summer in the mouth. At first it’s the fake watermelon scent, then it tastes an ext like real apple juice. No at all what i expected, and fans that fake watermelon and also Bonne Bell lipsmackers will probably be disappointed.

Apple is a yes, really weird light green color, nearly has a actors of blue come it that makes me think it might be minty. Nope, it’s pure green apple flavor.

Cherry looks exactly like the Watermelon the end of the wrapper (maybe a smidge darker). It has an intense black cherry flavor, nicely tart and also less medicinal than many cherry candies.

The fun thing around the Soft N&L is the they room soft sufficient for mash-ups. I took mine vanilla and also chocolate and also twisted castle together. (It didn’t really make them any type of better.) Then i twisted castle in with some banana. (Still not really better, simply fun.) I pushed some bits of the Watermelon and Apple together and it looked horrid and also tasted even worse. (But there need to be great combos in over there somewhere.)

As a soft taffy through intense flavors, these aren’t quite Starburst.

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However, lock don’t have any kind of gelatin in them (but do have egg whites, for this reason they’re not an ideal for vegans however fine for vegetarians).

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