Aside from her illustrious and also continuously effective career, Beyoncé is recognized for she signature blond hair hair. If she has tended to switch things up — indigenous bobs and braids to waist-length hair and also curly updos — she mane practically always adheres to the same hue. Fans recognize that she has tendency to undertake wigs and hair extensions for extra dramatic effect, yet they could be surprised to discover that underneath lies a beautiful head of normally curly hair.

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Beyoncé at an event in February 2017 | Lester Cohen/Getty images North America

Beyoncé’s hair journey, starting with her previously years

Several childhood photos of Beyoncé present the singer v curly dark brown hair.

By the moment she to be a teenager breaking out with Destiny’s Child, she had seemingly started trying out with she mane. In the group’s very first music video clip — “No, No, No” from their self-titled debut album the released in 1998 — Beyoncé donned dark-colored, shoulder-length curls v light brown streaks.

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For their second effort, 1999’s The Writing’s top top the Wall, Beyoncé went for a bolder look. The visuals for tracks such together “Bug-A-Boo” and also “Say mine Name” feature the Lemonade signer through long, dark locks and also bright blond hair highlights, marking the start of the end of the mostly-brown era.

In the complying with years, Beyoncé’s hair became increasingly lighter and longer prior to she embraced the style and color pattern pan know and love she for now.

Speaking come E! News in a throwback interview, Beyoncé’s hairstylist Kim Kimble claimed Beyoncé’s mother Tina Knowles, a former hairstylist, did her daughter’s hair up until Kimble took over in 2003.

Here’s what Beyoncé’s genuine hair look at like

Beyoncé seldom — if ever — shares once she’s rocking her actual hair. Yet in December 2017, her stylist Neal Farinah revealed that Beyoncé had just worn her actual hair as soon as she gift Colin Kaepernick v the Muhammad Ali LegacyAward at sporting activities Illustrated’s yearly Sportsperson the the Year Awards.

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“LOVE my JOB. THIS IS how U SLAY YOUR herbal CURLY HAIR,” Farinah captioned a clip that Beyoncé’s speech. Knowles praised she daughter’s hair approximately the same time, share on Instagram the she was so happy to watch Beyoncé’s hair grow earlier after the singer chopped it turn off for a pixie reduced in 2013.