To it is in optimistic; be full of hope; have actually hopes. (intransitive) To place confidence; to trust through confident expectation of good; usually adhered to by in.

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expect, want, foresee, wish, desire, pray, yearn, count on, surmise, trust, anticipate, assume, believe, be looking, contemplate, hold, long, long for, presume, await, rely, suppose, suspect, be sure of, cross your fingers, deem likely, count on, feeling confident, hang in, have actually faith, keep fingers crossed, punch on wood, look front to, promise oneself, think to, clock for, imagine, guess, yen, ache, dare say, take it it, think likely, hope against hope, intend, aim, aspire, plan, design, set out … more
“Out of this meetings, us hope to accomplish an acceleration of considerable planning with and also for the yonsi and dedicated agencies.”
expecting, wanting, foreseeing, wishing, desiring, praying, yearning, counting on, surmising, trusting, anticipating, assuming, believing, contemplating, holding, longing, longing for, presuming, awaiting, relying, supposing, suspecting, crossing your fingers, deeming likely, depending on, feeling confident, hanging in, having faith, keeping fingers crossed, knocking on wood, looking forward to, promising oneself, thinking to, the town hall for, intending, aiming, aspiring, planning, designing, setup out, having in mind, having every intention, having actually the on purpose … more
expects, wants, foresees, wishes, desires, prays, yearns, counts on, surmises, trusts, anticipates, assumes, believes, contemplates, holds, longs, longs for, presumes, awaits, relies, supposes, suspects, crosses your fingers, deems likely, counts on, feel confident, hangs in, has actually faith, keeps finger crossed, knocks top top wood, looks front to, assures oneself, think to, city hall for, intends, aims, aspires, plans, designs, to adjust out, has actually in mind, has every intention, has actually the on purpose … more
“He plieth his work, and also hopeth the God at the critical will provide him fishes, albeit he deferreth a time.”
expected, wanted, foresaw, foreseen, wished, desired, prayed, yearned, counted on, surmised, trusted, anticipated, assumed, believed, contemplated, held, holden, longed, longed for, presumed, awaited, relied, supposed, suspected, crossed her fingers, considered likely, feeling confident, hung in, had actually faith, maintained fingers crossed, knocked ~ above wood, looked forward to, promised oneself, assumed to, watched for, intended, aimed, aspired, planned, designed, set out, had in mind, had actually every intention, had the intention … more
“The Abenakis and their colleagues to be not quite as deferential come the governor as he had actually hoped.”
“The guy who had hoped come segue indigenous comedy returned to the duty he hated and the director he couldn"t abide.”
“It to be redamancy. It to be heaven. It to be peace. The was more than he can have ever hoped because that or wanted.”

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