A human being who backs or supports something. (informal) an object or idea that can be provided for good. (vocative) provided as a form of attend to when warning someone. (climbing) A spring-loaded camming device.

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companion, intimate, confidante, confidant, familiar, shadow, playmate, playfellow, classmate, schoolmate, workmate, ally, comrade, associate, sister, brother, pal, buddy, chum, spar, sidekick, cully, crony, bezzie, mate, oppo, mucker, butty, bruvver, bruv, marrow, marrer, marra, amigo, acquaintance, compadre, paisan, homie, bro, homeboy, cobber, cuzzie, homegirl, partner, cohort, colleague, compatriot, contact, gabba, roommate … more
“He has been a friend of the firm for a lengthy time, and also I can"t see this single indiscretion an altering that.”
friendliness, affinity, amity, camaraderie, companionship, comradeship, intimacy, rapport, affection, fellowship, goodwill, company, harmony, closeness, love, neighbourliness, neighborliness, amiability, amicability, benevolence, cordiality, familiarity, fondness, kindliness, brotherhood, charity, comity, cordialness, empathy, regard, sisterhood, understanding, consideration, partiality, sociability, sodality, good will, other feeling, good-fellowship, common affection, comradery, togetherness, community, chumminess, conviviality, geniality, kindness, fraternity, association, sympathy … more
“A formal friendship would be formed between the two nations after the signing of the treaty.”
exhibition game, challenge match, exhibition match, friendly match, preparation match, preseason game, scrimmage, warmup match, practice, game, exercise game, scrape match, tie, contest, fixture, match, bout, event, meeting, trial, fight, test, derby, duel, final, prizefight, replay, clash, playdown, rematch, split, tourney, play-off, test match, regional derby, quarter-final, semi-final, competition, tournament, meet, dogfight, face-off, head-to-head, complement up, matchup, engagement, confrontation, battle, problem … more
aloneness, isolation, solitude, solitariness, seclusion, segregation, sequestration, privacy, insulation, secludedness, separateness, loneliness, lonesomeness, withdrawal, loneness, separation, exile, absence of companions, absence of friends, absence of company, lack of contact, feeling of exile, quarantine, detachment, retirement, reclusiveness, privateness, remoteness, reclusion, retreat, concealment, desolation, peace and also quiet, shelter, aloofness, hiding, seclusiveness, confinement, silence, beleaguerment, peace, protection, closeting, blockade, setting apart, waste, emptiness, wilderness, wasteland, desert … more
“There is just so much battering, criticism and friendlessness any type of institution deserve to take before it breaks.”
“Older adults are frequently at danger of friendlessness due to the fact that of disruptions to your social networks over time.”
“His physical condition made the a laughingstock among his peers, and his friendlessness hindered his academic achievement.”
cordiality, affability, geniality, goodwill, kindness, kindliness, amiability, friendship, benevolence, pleasantness, warmth, sociability, amity, fellowship, congeniality, conviviality, brotherhood, charity, neighborliness, cordialness, affection, openness, approachability, gregariousness, neighbourliness, comradeship, camaraderie, comity, amicability, sympathy, accessibility, amenability, hospitableness, responsiveness, joviality, clubbability, companionability, comradery, bonhomie, chumminess, decency, companionableness, affectionateness, clubbiness, mateyness, palliness, communicativeness, outgoingness, demonstrativeness, good-naturedness … more
“Brauer"s interest in world was natural and unforced, and also he treated students and also colleagues alike through the same warm friendliness.”
“I"ve periodically seen that angry, however I must tell friend he always treated civilization with substantial graciousness and also friendliness.”
“His friendliness come journalists got him cost-free publicity and also saved him advertising expenses.”
outgoing person, socializer, extrovert, assertive person, gregarious person, live one, live wire, character, show-off, life of the party, exhibitionist, showboat, sociable person, social adept, people person … more
“A basic and friendy graphical interface allows you come test for free, during 30 days, performances of our brand-new algorithms.”
“I am cheerful, open-minded, romantic, friendy, active, careful, sincere, sociable, family-oriented.”
“The FA is meant to check a friendy versus Germany on 19 November 4 days after an additional friendly complement at Wembley.”
companions, intimates, confidantes, confidants, familiars, shadows, playmates, playfellows, classmates, schoolmates, workmates, allies, comrades, associates, sisters, brothers, pals, buddies, chums, spars, sidekicks, cullies, cronies, bezzies, mates, oppos, muckers, butties, bruvvers, bruvs, marrows, marrers, marras, amigos, acquaintances, compadres, paisans, homies, bros, homeboys, cobbers, homegirls, partners, cohorts, colleagues, compatriots, roommates, offsiders, compeers, contact … more
“When you"re with with life and all hope is lost,hold out your hand due to the fact that friends will certainly be friends right till the end.”
“They have actually been friends of the agency for a lengthy time, and I can"t see this sole indiscretion changing that.”
“Did it actually cause misandry in genuine life? some reviewers, introduce to misandric jokes and also sitcoms, asked a couple of of their male friends or partner if castle felt threatened.”
cordialities, affabilities, genialities, goodwills, kindlinesses, amiabilities, friendships, benevolences, pleasantnesses, warmths, sociabilities, amities, fellowships, congenialities, convivialities, brotherhoods, charities, neighborliness, cordialness, affections, opennesses, approachabilities, gregariousness, neighbourliness, comradeships, camaraderies, comities, amicability, sympathies, accessibilities, amenabilities, hospitableness, responsivenesses, jovialities, clubbability, companionabilities, comraderies, bonhomie, chumminess, decencies, companionableness, affectionateness, clubbiness, mateyness, palliness, communicativeness, outgoingness, demonstrativeness, good-naturedness, great natures … more
socializers, extroverts, live ones, live wires, character, showboats, exhibitionists, show-offs, human being persons
friendlinesses, affinities, amities, camaraderies, companionships, comradeships, intimacies, rapports, affections, fellowships, goodwills, companies, harmonies, closenesses, loves, neighbourliness, neighborliness, amiabilities, amicability, benevolences, cordialities, familiarities, fondnesses, kindlinesses, brotherhoods, charities, comities, cordialness, empathies, regards, sisterhoods, understandings, considerations, partialities, sociabilities, sodalities, great will, fellow feelings, good-fellowship, relationships, bonds, kinships, relations, acquaintanceships, relations … more
“I have involved value relationships, friendships, community and also connections v family.”
“They also described reciprocated friendships much more positively than unreciprocated ones.”
“It turns out the absorption in his work had actually left the no time for children, hobbies, or close friendships.”
“Refreshments followed, coupled through teary farewells and also exchanges of call numbers and also emails, and Facebook friendings.”
“First York will certainly again be running free buses for fans attending the Knights" two friendlies following month.”
“He has actually promised to familiarise himself through the Academy and also sort out pre-season friendlies as easily as possible.”

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