There are two varieties of Olympic Games: the Winter Olympics and the Summer Olympics. The Olympic games are held every four years with the Summer and Winter Olympics emerging two years apart. The Olympic games have grown over the years, so much so that practically all nations roughly the civilization are represented in the games. In current years, over 10,000 athletes take part in nearly 34 sports separated into almost 400 events.

Which Continents have actually Hosted the Olympics?

The Olympic symbol to represent the various continents coming with each other for the Games. Photo credit: Singulyarra/Shutterstock

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since the beginning of the modern Olympics in 1896, there have actually been 28 version of the Summer Olympics and also 22 editions of the Winter Olympics. The Summer Olympics have been hosted in 23 cities while 19 cities have had actually the privilege that hosting the Winter Games. Many of the Olympic Games, both winter and also summer, have been organized in European and North American cities. In fact, europe cities have actually hosted most of the gamings (29 editions). South America hosted the games for the first time in 2016 as soon as the summer occasions were hosted in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. North America and also Asia have actually hosted the sporting event 12 and also 6 times, respectively. Two games have been held in Oceania. Africa remains the only continent to have never organized the Olympic Games.

Why has Africa Never hosted The Olympic Games?

Although major sporting events like the FIFA people Cup, civilization U18 Championship in Athletics, and also the All-African games have been efficiently held in Africa, the Olympic games have however to be hosted by any African city. Numerous reports have actually named southern Africa together the only country qualified of hosting the gamings in Africa due to the fact that it has the important infrastructure and also resources because that such a huge event. However, significant weaknesses have been highlighted the would protect against its selection, such together a high crime rate.

In 2005, the chairman of the IOC, Jacques Rogge, encouraged African cities to bid for the 2016 Olympic Games because they stand a high possibility of to win if they met the requirement. Kenya announced its intentionally to put its bid because that Nairobi but failed to launch a major bid. The is also important to keep in mind that Cape Town, south Africa to be shortlisted for the 2004 Games. However, Athens won the bid.

When will certainly Africa organize The Olympics?

Dakar, Senegal will organize the Summer Youth Olympics in 2026, which will be the an initial time an Olympic event is organized in Africa.
The organize city is regularly chosen at the very least seven years before the Games, through the procedure involving two phases spanning a two-year period. The cities wishing to host the Games use through their respective nationwide Olympic Committee. After a vigorous interview and also several inspections the the infrastructure by the IOC officials, the final cities room shortlisted v the IOC members voting for the host city. Together of now, the organize cities because that the next two Winter Olympics and three Summer Olympics have actually been decided. Unfortunately, no afri city is among the hosts. However, Dakar, Senegal has been selected to hold the Youth Summer Olympic Games, initially schedule come be organized in 2022 however moved to 2026.

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Due to the fact that of the effective 2010 civilization Cup event in south Africa, that is only a matter of time prior to that country hosts the Olympics as well.