Having a water balloon fight is constantly so lot fun because that the whole family. We’ve honed in our tactics over time that allow us to success the water fight every time.

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How To success A Water Balloon Fight:

Find an excellent CoverStay on The MoveBe UnpredictableHave ideal StanceDress AppropriatelyMap out The BattlefieldPractice ThrowingKeep Extra Ammo NearbyHit and Run TacticAmbush The Enemy

These are an excellent ways to make sure you always come out on height in a water balloon fight. Yet there are some additional things you must know around these tactics and how to implement them for a water battle victory.

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Find great Cover
stay On The relocate
it is in Unpredictable, save Your Enemy confused
Have suitable Stance
dress For The fight
lay out The Battlefield
exercise Throwing, method Is vital
keep Extra Ammo adjacent
Hit and also Run Tactic
Ambush her Enemy, when They least Expect the

Find an excellent Cover

If you deserve to shield you yourself from incoming enemy fire girlfriend will currently have a an excellent advantage. If you’re in an open up area there is no much herbal cover, try making your very own cover if girlfriend can. Uncover something to usage as a shield or noþeles you have the right to use to make a basic of operations. Some helpful things to usage as cover are:

Large RocksTreesLarge BushesStorage TotesCardboard Boxes

We’ve had an excellent luck stringing increase an old ceiling or sheet between two trees. That provided us a an excellent place to keep our extra ammo for a rapid on the go resupply. Make certain your resupply points room well guarded, the enemy will surely try to ambush them.

Consider producing some water balloon shields. We’ve had good luck making them the end of cardboard, but they tend to it is in less effective as they acquire wet. Girlfriend could additionally use baking sheets or boogie boards to build a decent shield.


Stay top top The Move

You don’t desire to stay stationary because that too lengthy unless you have great cover and also your adversary can’t easily ambush you. I discovered it ideal to constantly stay on they move. It renders it harder because that your adversary to setup an assault if they have to keep changing their tactics.

Also, that harder to hit a relocating target. Try to keep yourself moving side to side from your opponent rather the forward and also backward. Constantly relocating from cover to cover is a good approach to store yourself dry. Law the stop and go have the right to be a an excellent way to throw off your foe as well. Don’t give them basic target.

Be Unpredictable, save Your enemy Confused

I talked around staying ~ above the move. But you additionally don’t want to come to be predictable. If you’re constantly moving ago and forth in between two places of cover, you’re virtually as predictable as standing still. Your foe will record on come your activity pretty quickly and also it gives them one advantage.

You desire to do your activities seem random to her opponent. Maintaining them confused regarding what you’ll do following will give you an edge. The adversary should never be able to predict her next action or movement. Shot using a zig-zag sample to keep them guessing.


Have ideal Stance

Using suitable stance will go a long means in her accuracy but likewise in your maneuverability. Shot to stay lower to the ground by bending her knees slightly as move about the battlefield. This will decrease her silhouette, which way your adversary will have less that a target to aim for.

Keeping your knees slightly bent will certainly also permit you to evade just arrive water balloons an ext easily. Permitting you to duck or step to the side a lot an ext quickly and also easily. Utilizing the suitable stance while cram will assist with your accuracy as well, yet we will certainly go over that in the throwing method section.

Keep her stance in mind as you’re ducking behind cover together well. Store your me positioned so girlfriend can easily dart the end of over there if things begin to get hairy. You also want to be able to pop up and also throw a water balloon conveniently if you require to.

Dress for The Battle

You will most certainly want to wear clothing that you don’t mind getting wet. Or you have the right to take that a step further and also just wear bathing suits. Ns would prevent wearing socks and shoes if friend can due to the fact that they are an overwhelming to dried out. Wearing a poncho or rain coat could work, but they will sluggish your mobility quite a bit.

If you arrangement on continuing to be out of sight as much as feasible during the battle, shot wearing garments that mix in with your surroundings. If the going to be a small dark out, shot wearing dark blue or black color shirts. If you have a pair that cargo shorts you nothing mind getting wet, they will enable you to bring extra ammo with you in situation of emergencies.

Map the end The Battlefield


Get a great idea that the layout prior to the water balloon hit starts. Shot not to do it apparent but watch for good hiding spots and also areas you can use together cover. Save in mind the distance from your resupply area and what the will take to get more ammo if you run out.

If you’re playing on a team, you should cover movements and tactics through the team prior to the battle. Make sure everyone knows the area that operation and plan out each team members role. For instance, how will you defend your it is provided cache and also what kind of rotations will certainly you need. If you have the time, you could map the fight field out on file and plan your techniques that way.

Practice Throwing, an approach Is Key

Nailing under your throwing method will assist improve her accuracy in the heat of battle. You will desire to litter a water balloon like you would a baseball. Lead v the the opposite foot of your throwing hand and work on her release.

Remember no to tight the water balloon too tightly though, they could burst prior to you also get her shot off. When holding it as well loosely will decrease your accuracy. Find a great middle ground.

Always aim for the facility of the target. This would certainly be in the middle of your adversaries chest. Act this will offer you a much better margin of error and best chance to hit your target. Look for targets the aren’t mindful you room there. One unsuspecting target will constantly be simplest to hit.

Keep Extra Ammo Nearby


You should always have a resupply allude where you have the right to run ago to and grab more water balloons. This area should remain guarded so it deserve to be a safe ar whenever you require one. If you on a team, you might even have actually someone filling much more balloons if the fight is still underway.

Think about having part smaller covert ammo stash locations. Simply a rapid place you have the right to go to grab some ammo if you need it. Be careful with this tactic though, if left unguarded her enemy could end up using your ammo versus you.

We usage this Bunch O Balloons instant Fill Water Balloon Pack native Amazon. You have the right to fill and also tie 100 water balloons in under a minute. The pack comes with 420 water balloons the seal themselves, and also you can fill teams of water balloons at a time with a hose.

Hit and also Run Tactic

This tactic requires many speed and accuracy yet can really devastate your opponent. The score is to operation by one enemy, struggle them with a water balloon, and return to safety and security without ever stopping. This will need you come leave your cover come accomplish, yet if excellent right, can pay off big.

If you on a team this tactic has tendency to be much more successful once two or an ext of girlfriend execute at the same time. Utilizing one team mate together a distraction if the others do their move. The distraction team mate will certainly be vulnerable and possibly gain hit nice badly. However to attain an as whole win because that the team, he will be the real hero.

Ambush her Enemy, as soon as They the very least Expect It

This bold tactic, when done correctly, will recognize the winner of the battle. If you ambush and also take over the enemy’s supply stash they will easily run out of ammo. This is a risky tactic putting numerous troops in danger, however if it pays off you will come the end victorious. This can additionally work on locations where you notice the foe team likes to group together.

What you must do is go in with 3 or much more teammates. One facing the adversary head on laying down extending fire while the others flank from the side. The element of surprise will certainly make or rest this tactic. The score is to get your opponent to abandon post when they watch the flank being taken.


Consider trying out the water balloon baseball game after you acquire sick of water balloon fights. I wrote an write-up How to Play Water Balloon Baseball to assist explain the rules and also game-play, but you can always alter the rules to fit her play style.

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