When she gets a brand-new co-worker i soon notification her using a brand-new favorite word or expression. Most often it doesn’t stroked nerves me; I likely do the exact same thing.

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But a couple of months back she started interjecting “yeah, yeah, yeah” throughout conversations, constantly when someone else is quiet talking. It no feel like an acknowledgement the she is listening. It feels prefer an interruption. It stops me mid-thought when I’m talking. Once I hear she interrupt others the same method it feeling rude.

However, I have actually now noticed countless others law the very same thing, top top podcasts, in ~ work, other friends and relatives. Any type of chance I can learn to disregard this?

“Yeah, yeah, yeah” can mean “enough already; I obtain it,” which is certainly rude. Yet it can likewise mean “I wholeheartedly agree with you; i have finally discovered someone with whom ns am completely simpatico, and I to be excited to express my joy in that.” It relies on the tone.

I don’t know precisely what your wife way when she says, “yeah, yeah, yeah,” due to the fact that I i can not use heard it with my own ears. You suggest it feels choose an interruption fairly than an acknowledgment she listening, yet your paternalistic opening line — “My spouse is at risk to poor speech habits she learns from others” — leader me to think you might not it is in the finest judge the tone.

It’s feasible people that hear her say “yeah, yeah, yeah” don’t obtain offended in the first place. Nevertheless of exactly how your wife’s “yeah, yeah, yeah” comes across, though, there’s nothing you deserve to do around it. Or at least there’s naught you must do about it. She the one saying it, not you. She’s the one perhaps coming off together rude in conversation. And, if that might be uncomfortable for you, it’s no your project to police what her wife claims or how she says it. We can’t regulate our spouses, nor should we want to.

It’s various if she’s talking with you one-on-one and also she does it. Then you have actually a right to tell she it damages your feelings. Communication is necessary in a marriage, and also you don’t desire some conversational tic (she more than likely isn’t even all that conscious of) to foster resentment down the road. But if girlfriend hear she say it to who else, leaving it alone.

I think you understand this already. Despite that opening line, you’re comes at this problem in a reasonable way. You no ask just how to get her come stop; you asked how to find out to disregard it. It is the right concern (though, because that tone reasons, you might’ve used “accept” instead of “ignore”).

My advice in the regard is to pause and remember you love her wife. The sounds yes, really simplistic and dumb, i know. However presumably you do love her. Act favor it.



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