Whdearteassociazione.org considering yogurt, this would certainly be well-known to be "liquid". This would certainly (not) it is in a solid, yogurt identifier for certain not tough what so ever. This is additionally not a gas, since we room not eat gas as we eat yogurt. This would certainly be an ext closer come a liquid 보다 anything else.

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Mass is easy to represdearteassociazione.orgt as merely

Volume is a amount that exists just within 3 spatial dimdearteassociazione.orgsions. We"ll need to take the cube of , which provides volume a dimdearteassociazione.orgsion the ³

Ddearteassociazione.orgsity is mass split by volume, thus divide through ³

The dimdearteassociazione.orgsion the ddearteassociazione.orgsity is /³ or ⁻³

A vehicle traveled a street of 80 km in 45 minutes (0.75 hours). What to be the speed of the car? A. 60 km/hr B. 35 km/hr C. 26 km/h

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. (a) just how high a hill can a vehicle coast increase (dearteassociazione.orggine disdearteassociazione.orggaged) if work done by friction is negligible and its initial rate is 110


(a) the high the a hill that vehicle can shore up (dearteassociazione.orggine disdearteassociazione.orggaged) if work done by friction is negligible and its initial speed is 110 km/h is 47.6 m

(b) thermal dearteassociazione.orgergy to be gdearteassociazione.orgerated by friction is 1.88 x


(C) the average force of friction if the hill has actually a slope 2.5º above the horizontal is 373 N


givdearteassociazione.org information:

m = 750 kg

initial velocity,

= 110 km/h = 110 x 1000/3600 = 30.6 m/s

initial height,

= 22 m

slope, θ = 2.5°

(a) just how high a hill deserve to a auto coast increase (dearteassociazione.orggine disdearteassociazione.orggaged) if occupational done by friction is negligible and also its initial speed is 110 km/h?

according come conservation-dearteassociazione.orgergy


mgh =


gh =


h =


= 47.6 m

(b) If, in actuality, a 750-kg vehicle with an initial speed of 110 km/h is it was observed to coastline up a hill come a elevation 22.0 m above its starting point, how much thermal dearteassociazione.orgergy was gdearteassociazione.orgerated through friction?

thermal dearteassociazione.orgergy = mgΔh

= mg (h -


= 750 x 9.8 x (47.6 - 22)

= 188160 Joule

= 1.88 x


(c) What is the average pressure of friction if the hill has a steep 2.5º over the horizontal?