Who eliminated J.F.K.? wherein is Jimmy Hoffa's body? how did the entirety Donald Trump thing happen? (Oh.) this are some of the most enduring questions of our time, yet none of them rises come the level that the greatest question the human being has ever known. Is Justin Bieber actually great at basketball?


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Now, there space a the majority of sources you have the right to examine to find the answer to this question. Let's begin with Justin's famous crossover Instagram post.

This is unquestionably terrible. The Biebs isn't utilizing his crossover come get any type of separation here. The might also be decorative. Periodically that's okay, since cool things have the right to exist in a vacuum, however Bieber's crossover isn't also aesthetically pleasing on a basic level. It's herky-jerky and awkward and also makes it seem very easy to pick his pocket. Based on this clip, you'd need to say Bieber is not an excellent at basketball.

2. Next, let's look at Bieber's MVP-winning power in the 2011 NBA All-Star Celebrity Game:

This is a fucking travesty. Bieber play terribly in this game. Sure, the highlight reel reflects a solid crossover that actually did offer him separation resulting in an assist, but Bieber score 8 point out on 3-11 shooting in a video game that his team lost. His being named MVP is garbage and a testimony to why pan voting is practically always a negative idea. There is no way to watch this game and also feel prefer Bieber is any an excellent at basketball.

3. Finally, let's look at an Instagram video clip posted through Biebs on Thursday. ~ all, it's to be a while since that damaging crossover video clip and the celebrity game. Possibly he's acquired better?

At first glance, he's make a bunch of threes here, but a pair things. One, his shoot is supervisor ugly and seems very easy to block, what with exactly how low that holds the ball. There's no arc on that thing. Second, I require to recognize how countless shots he take it to obtain this video clip of 14 makes. The said, ns think this video shows the the Biebs is improving. He's knocking under shots, and also that under-the-leg layup is nice impressive. Biebs can be okay at basketball.

So, in enhancement to singing, Justin Bieber is passionate about drumming, playing acoustic guitar, skateboarding, play pranks, and playing basketball. Justin Bieber is the coolest 14-year-old in the world. Justin Bieber is 22-years-old.

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