Keri Hilson exploded on the music step in the so late 2000s through songs favor “Energy” and the chris Brown-assisted “Superhuman.” She earned even greater fame v “Turnin’ Me On” and also “Knock friend Down” and also went on to nab a pair of Grammy nominations for she work and talent. But unfortunately, her career seemed to walk on a downward spiral ~ a rumored diss around Beyoncé.

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Hilson hasn’t exit an album in end a decade and generally keeps a low profile. But she recently arised to do an interview whereby she opened up up about some the her past problems and also the drama concerning the Lemonade singer.

(L-R) Keri Hilson and Beyoncé | Greg Doherty/Getty photos North America; Gareth Cattermole/Getty images Europe

Keri Hilson was accused of dissing Beyoncé at an early stage in her career

After publication “Turnin Me On” from she debut studio album, In a Perfect World (2009), Hilson released a remix to the track whereby she sang lines the listeners believed were around Beyoncé.

“Your vision cloudy if friend think the you da best, You have the right to dance, she deserve to sing, yet need to relocate it come the left…” she sang. “She need to go have some babies, she must sit down, she fake, them other chicks ain’t even worth talkin’ bout.”

Though she did not say names, fans thought the lyrics were aimed at Beyoncé as result of the characteristics Hilson named and also the line around moving it to the left, which seemed to recommendation Beyoncé’s 2006 tune “Irreplaceable.”

Hilson go not deal with the speculation, but she kicked the rumor mill right into overdrive in ~ the 2011 soul Train Awards when she refused to organize the newest problem of Juicy Magazine after noticing Beyoncé and Jay-Z to be on the cover. The Beyhive as soon as again pounced top top the moment and also continued to criticize Hilson under the impression that she had shaded Beyoncé a second time.

Keri Hilson tried to relocate on, however fans wouldn’t permit up

The backlash became so intense over the years that Hilson begged on Twitter because that fans to leaving her alone in 2013.

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“It’s also much!! Please! Is every little thing I tweet gonna be ‘intentionally misinterpreted’ as a statement around someone/drama I recognize nothing about?” she wrote (via Life & style Magazine).

“You have no idea what her hateful words might do to someone’s spirit. Years of linguistic abuse native strangers every day long. Enough is enough! I’m below for my FANS! I’m more powerful than you imagine, but waking up/going come bed to her ugliness is just TOO MUCH, kids,” she continued. “I acquire it, OK? You can stop now. As much as whatever your yes, really mad about, I had actually my reasons. It’s to be years! simply chalk it as much as your ignorance of mine reality and LET…IT…GO. Together for my mistakes, God has dealt with me.” 

Hilson tried to move on through her life and also music career, but fans continued to traction her and let her know she to be no much longer welcome in the music world. The backlash eventually led to a depression that led to Hilson to action away from the spotlight. She hasn’t exit an album due to the fact that her second studio effort, 2010’s No boys Allowed, though she has actually promised new music soon.