Original uncut telecast variation featured sponsor plugs within the paper definition of the film. Throughout the key title succession we view Snoopy tossing both Charlie Brown and Linus during the opened "Christmas Time Is Here" song. Charlie crashes into a tree together the main title credits room seen (as we have actually all been acquainted with over the years). However, all existing prints perform not present us what happens to Linus...in the uncut version, Linus crashes into a Coca-Cola authorize (indicating the show"s sponsor). Also, after ~ the last credits (while the Peanuts gang song "Hark The Herald Angels Sing"), there is a inscription that states "Merry Christmas native your regional Coca-Cola bottler". Due to subsequent FCC legislations precluding sponsor plugs in the context of children"s programs, these two facets have to be edited out of all existing prints (even in the so-called "uncut" versions displayed on CBS, and also all home video clip releases from Paramount and Warner Bros.).

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The 2015 "50th Anniversary" transfer on abc inserts credits because that Peter Robbins (voice that Charlie Brown), Christopher Shea (voice the Linus), and also Tracy Stratford (voice that Lucy) in ~ the end. Prior to this, no one of the voice actors received onscreen credit for your work.
In the original broadcast, Snoopy in reality sings "Hark, The Herald Angels Sing" along with the others during the finish credits. Once the finishing was edited to eliminate the Coca-Cola logo, Snoopy to be re-drawn so the he just smiles and also occasionally "howls" rather of singing.
After the special"s first airing in December 9, 1965, it to be revised with numerous instances of new and overhauled animation (most famously the entire final shooting with finish credits to be redone; Snoopy was displayed to be singing in the original version, when in the revised that does not), different music location (some scenes initially played in silence), and also slight photo and sound editing to fix some awkwardly paced scenes. The revised version has actually been provided as the base for all succeeding broadcasts and also home video releases. A 16mm print of the initial 1965 version resurfaced in 2018, and extensive comparisons in between the original 1965 and also the modification version deserve to be discovered on YouTube and Vimeo in videos by "Maxine C.". Its worth noting that this publish of the original 1965 version additionally contained the above-mentioned Coca Cola footage.

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For some reason there is one step after the "tasting the the snowflakes" that has actually been cut out the all subsequent CBS airings but is preserved for the home video clip release. The scene reflects Linus making use of his blanket together a whip to knock a soup have the right to off that a fence. Lucy then turns to him and says, "You think you"re therefore smart v that blanket! What"re you gonna perform with it once you thrive up?". "Maybe, I"ll do it into a sports coat!" Linus replies.