George Strait want to deal with his loss in personal that the shut self away native interviews and the press.

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Children room the biggest treasure for most parents. They room so essential to them that even prior to they involved this world, parents dream of your future through them. Therefore, the pain the is caused when those desires shatter is inexplicable. Nation music legend, George Strait went with that intolerable pain. That left the torn and also broken that in spite of the variety of years the passed by, he finds it difficult to even speak around it.

George Strait married his high college sweetheart, Norma on 4 December 1971, follow to Taste of Country. The nation music legend who hadn"t started his music career ago then was serving the U.S military at Schofield Barracks in Hawaii. Top top 6 October 1972, he was blessed through his eldest daughter, Jenifer. Ripe years later, the couple welcomed their second kid, George "Bubba" Strait Jr. By then, George had launched his nation music career. That made hits after hits and climbed the ladder of success in the music world. Yet soon, points took a different turn in the life the the artist.

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On 25 June 1986, a tragedy shocked the Strait family. The 13-year-old who was riding through three other friends was hit by one more vehicle. The girl was seated in ~ the passenger seat and also lost her life, leaving she loved persons in utter despair. The family members struggled to concerned terms v the loss. Follow to Straitfever.homestead, the upper heart singer stated in a statement, "She was like a 2nd mother to Bubba in a way. They had their disagreements like a brother, and also sister do however in the end, she constantly made Bubba feel choose he come out ~ above top... We will certainly all miss Jenifer really much, and also we will never ever forget her, she smile, and laugh."

Jenifer Strait Memorial foundation site

He thanked his fans because that the support and wrote, "She meant the world to us and also we"ll miss out on her dearly. We"re act our best to make it through this with your assist we will. It"s difficult to think of the years ahead without she to see, yet her storage will constantly be through us."

George did not desire the world to understand the degree of his traumatic pain. He wanted to ask himself through work and keep his lips sealed around the sorrow the gripped his heart. That stopped offering interviews and also avoided every opportunity to deal with the catastrophic incident. "I gained real personal after I shed my daughter... Ns really shut things down," revealed the singer year later.

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Jenifer Strait Memorial foundation site

In 1986, he started the Jenifer Strait Memorial foundation in memory of his lover girl. He provided the charity to assist children in need and kept the soul of his daughter alive. After ~ swallowing the pain of his loss for long, the Texas nation singer released the emotional track “Baby Blue.” The heartbreaking lyrics of the song verified that the father was no over his daughter"s death. The sang, "Like a breath that spring, she came and also left, and I quiet don’t know why."

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In 2005, he released however his an initial single You"ll be There. It was an extremely special come George since he sang around his expect of seeing his daughter on the other side. "So I"ll see you top top the various other side if i make it. And it can be a long difficult ride, yet I wanna take it it," sang the singer.

However, as the year went by, he gathered the courage come talk about the incident and why he shut himself from the press. On being asked that his long silence, he said, "I simply didn’t feel choose talking about it, so ns quit... Ns did want to keep singing, absolutely. Yet I was at the suggest where i’m , ‘Alright, if this is walk to price me my career, then so be it, but it’s the only means I’m walking to be able to cope through it.’ It just kind that turned the end the way it did. It no an intentional thing."

Jenifer Strait Memorial foundation site

Despite grieving his lose in silence for years, in 2012, that told people that he to be blessed to have actually Jenifer in your life. He said, "We were blessed to have actually been may be to spend 13 years v our beautiful daughter Jenifer."