I to be planning on to run 60A the end to a detached garage. The plan so much is to bury 2 runs the PVC conduit, one because that data, one because that power. The trench will be ~80" so each conductor will certainly be ~100". If Cu, should I use 3 #6 and also a #10 floor or 3 #4 and also a #8 ground?#4 or #2 if Aluminum?It looks choose #6 Cu is standard for 60A organization until you gain to/over 100" in which case you use #4?There space plenty of object on this yet everyone"s case seems come be just a little different.Am i on the appropriate track?

For the feeding to your detached garage i recommend you use 2-2-2-4 AL Mobile home Feeder. It"s the cheapest means to go. It will provide you the capability to go to a max of 90A, but the #2 will certainly fit in a 60A breaker. Usage no less than 1 1/2 PVC conduit, however I indicate 2".

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Yes it deserve to legally be operation in conduit. Above ground and also inside the framework it needs to be in conduit.
What else would that cable be called? us don"t have plenty of mobile dwellings in this area and I am acquiring alot of blank stares once I ask because that mobile residence feeder cable.

My understanding is that 6 gauge at 60°C gets you 55 amps (2005 NEC, Table 310.16). While many wires room rated because that 90°C (and a corresponding greater current) it should be derated come the max temp allowed at the termination points. Due to the fact that most breaker panels are rated to 60°C, 55 amps is the max you have the right to pull from 6 gauge copper.Basically, you should use the breaker box"s termination temperature when sizing the wire.At 100 ft you would also want to perform a voltage autumn calculation. If making use of copper, #4 would quickly meet her requirements.
Yes, i should have updated the thread. I am either utilizing #4 Cu or #2 Al. Ns actually uncovered some cable in ~ the local HD but nobody there could tell me anything around it or how much it expense The shelf label said 2/2/2/4 AL QUAD DYKE, jacket said AWG 2 AL form USE-2.
Yes, i should have actually updated the thread. Ns am either using #4 Cu or #2 Al. Ns actually found some cable at the neighborhood HD yet nobody there can tell me anything about it or just how much it cost The shelf label said 2/2/2/4 AL QUAD DYKE, jacket stated AWG 2 AL form USE-2.
that"s the stuff. I"d additionally recommend checking v a local electrical house. I recognize here, the one I usage is a great bit cheaper than house depot on larger wire.

use UF cable- underground Feeder, that is labled for direct burial. I would usage conduit if i was doing it though. That method if something happens to the cable, no digging required. You deserve to use usage cable (Underground business Entrance) simply make sure you gain the four wire so you have the right to pull a ground.

68rustang it would assist to recognize what your location is. Room you in the US?The concern with using use cable is it can not be operation inside the building it can only be used outside. So you need to use a junction box and switch come a cable rated for internal use once entering the building. If you acquire USE cable make certain it"s rated RHH or RHW-2 which renders it an ideal for interior use. The cable insulation for internal use requirements to it is in fire resistant rated.
I to be in Cleveland, OH.What ever I use I want to operation from the main panel in the basement, v the wall, right into the soil in conduit, with the garage wall surface directly to the subpanel.This is the cable HD had. Ns don"t view anything top top the spec sheet about RHH or RHW. I think this is what I actually want.Does RHH or RHW instantly cover USE yet USE does no cover RHH or RHW?
One fence of utilizing #2 AL cable end-to-end is it have the right to be hard to end in your key panel... Simply too stiff to quickly bend to affix to the breaker. Yet it is certainly the cheapest means to run as much as 90A to your detached garage.#6 CU (or also #4 CU) conductors would be much less complicated to occupational with.
At 100" that looks prefer if running Cu I should use #4 which i can obtain for $.79/ft (x3+ground) i beg your pardon isn"t terrible. Ns am most likely going to go that route since I can"t discover anybody about here that stocks or will order the Al stuff i am spring for.

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I can"t speak I"ve seen usage cable with just the RHH + RHW rating. I have actually seen the with simply the USE-2 rating and also with the USE-2 + RHH + RHW.
I am in Cleveland, OH.What ever I usage I want to run from the key panel in the basement, through the wall, right into the ground in conduit, with the garage wall surface directly to the subpanel.This is the cable HD had. I don"t see anything on the spec sheet about RHH or RHW. Ns think this is what I in reality want.Does RHH or RHW automatically cover USE however USE does not cover RHH or RHW?