FRONT DOORS -- step 2Once the screws space out lift directly up ~ above the door and it will disengage from several slots in the door.DO NOT shot to relocate it really far yet! Lift that up and lean far from the door enough so you deserve to see behind itand acquire your hand in there. Unplug the connector because that the windows and also door locks.  The passenger side connectorhas a clip on height that you must push down to relax the connector. The driver side has actually a red lock that needs tobe slide the end to unlock the connector so the it deserve to be disconnected. Also, the driver side has actually a connector for thepower mirror controls.Disconnect the affiliation from the door take care of as well. The door handle link rod is secured through a plastic clip asshown through the left-hand one in the photograph to the right. The rod is bent so the it will certainly slide down right into the middleof the clip, and then the clip rotates and also snaps ~ above the linkage bar itself. Simply unsnap it from the rod and it willpivot the end of the means so the you can lift the rod the end of the clip. This clips space "Captive" for this reason they won"t goflying when you take the affiliation rod out. As soon as this is done the door panel have the right to be lifted off totally and set aside.

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REAR DOORS -- action 1
Remove the trim strip that walk up follow me the earlier edge the the door. This strip is just clipped into place.You may be able to just pull it off (one of mine to be easy, one to be stubborn). The bottom has a white plasticstud the releases relatively easy. There are two metal clips above it, however they also just snap right into place.If you can"t obtain it to start, look in ~ the sheet of the door and pull the trim stip away from the door a little. Youshould have the ability to see the white stud, and if you slip something in come pry v it will certainly pop loose. DON"T usea driver or something that will scrape your paint or crack the trim strip. See if friend can discover a plasticutensil in the kitchen you can "Borrow" for a few minutes (if that breaks simply pretend it never existed!).The areas of the white stud and also the two metal clips (the bottom multi-color arrowhead shows the stud and also the othertwo multi-color arrows suggest the steel clips) are displayed in the photo to the right. The photo additionally indicates withthe hard red arrowhead the place of the 5th bolt (described in step 2 below) that is not current on the former doors.
REAR DOORS -- step 2
Now, the rear doors are really much choose the prior doors. The significant difference is that there are 5 screws toremove. Two are at the bottom that the door, in the same places as ~ above the front, two are behind the door handleand "Grab Bar", simply as they to be on the front doors. The 5th screw is on height of the door and also was covered bythe trim strip eliminated in the action above.REAR DOORS -- step 3As through the prior doors, once the screws space out lift right up ~ above the door and also it will disengage native severalslots in the door. Carry out NOT shot to move it very far yet! Lift the up and lean far from the door enoughso you can see behind it and get your hand in there. Unplug the connector for the windows and also door locks.  Theelectrical connectors room the exact same on both behind doors, and also have a clip on height that you must push under to relax theconnector.Disconnect the link from the door take care of as well. The door handle link rod is secured through a plastic clip asshown by the left-hand one in the photo to the right. The rod is bend so that it will slide down right into the middleof the clip, and also then the clip rotates and also snaps top top the link bar itself. Simply unsnap it from the rod and it willpivot out of the means so the you deserve to lift the rod out of the clip. These clips space "Captive" therefore they won"t goflying once you take it the link rod out. Once this is excellent the door panel can be lifted off totally and set aside.
SPEAKER removal .....
Step 1 .....You deserve to see the special spacers that the speakers are placed on. Before you remove them mark THE height OF THESPACER! due to the fact that most aftermarket speakers have some setup of coaxial speakers or logos or miscellaneous thatneeds come be relatively horizontal or straight up and down, be sure and mark the peak dead center of the spacer so what will know where that is. Since the front spacers space black, put a item of masking ice cream on the spacer and markon that. The behind spacers room gray (at the very least on my truck) for this reason they are no problem.The photo presented here is the left rear door. The spacers on the behind doors are rather thinner 보다 those on thefront doors, and also they are also angled upwards. This photo is of the perfect installation and shows among my PolkAudio EX365 speakers.
Step 2 .....The spacers are held on by three long screws (indicated in the photo above). Remove them and also the entirety assembly will come loosened from the door(the speakers are clipped right into the spacers for this reason they won"t loss off).
Step 3 .....The speaker wires have connectors ~ above them. Push the release "Clip" and they will disconnect.  The connectorswill probably need to be reduced off, however we"ll carry out that later.
Step 4 .....The speak / spacer assembly has three "Tabs" about the outside, and those tabs have actually two clips, one on every side, thathold the speakers to the spacers. The trick here is to release both clips that one tab in ~ the same time so you canget the speaker out. The easiest method I discovered was come use two very small screwdrivers.Pick one of the tabs, the doesn"t issue which one, and also using among the small screwdrivers, slide the blade right into thegap in ~ the former of the clip, pry exterior slightly, and also then on slide the scredriver increase behind the clip to wedge it againstthe other side. This will host that clip out of the way so you deserve to release the other side. Usage the otherscrewdriver to relax the various other clip ~ above the tab, and also then the speaker itself can be lifted up off of the tab.Repeat this procedure for one of two people of the two staying tabs. Once the speak is released from 2 of the tabs itcan just be slide the end of the 3rd one.This is a whole lot less complicated to perform than to describe. The photo presented here is a closeup of among the tabs fromthe photograph above. It sort of reflects the clip and where come insert the screwdriver. Once you check out them friend willunderstand what i am acquiring at.
Step 5 .....

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Next we have to verify the polarity the the speakers. The factory wring shade codes have to be as follows:Left Front
(+):Dark Green
Left Front(-):Brown w/ Red tracer
Right Front(+):Violet
Right Front(-):Dark Blue w/ Red tracer
Left Rear(+):Brown w/ Yellow tracer
Left Rear(-):Brown w/ light Blue tracer
Right Rear(+):Dark Blue w/ White tracer
Right Rear(-):Dark Blue w/ Orange tracer
On all 4 of mine, the town hall the speaker from the rear with,the connector at the top, the "+" link was the one on the left. That is straightforward to verify that yours room the sameand if you keep your speakers "In Phase" it will certainly make your sound system sound considerably better.You will need a 9-volt battery and also a couple of piece of cable (if you have clip leads v alligator clips top top them,you are in good shape. If not just temporarily tape one cable to each terminal of the battery.Lay the speaker confront down, and also touch the an adverse wire native the battery to one of the 2 terminals top top the ago ofthe speaker. Quickly touch the other wire to the other speaker terminal, and observe the movement of the sound coneof the speaker. If the sound cone moves forward (down if the speak is laying challenge down) climate the polarity iscorrect; the "+" link of the battery is on the "+" speak connection, and also the "-" battery link is ~ above the"-" speaker connection. If the cone move backwards, turning back the two wires and try again.When you find the correct polarity, note it ~ above the back of the speaker.