So, this is probably a really, really stupid question, and I apologize in advance. I'm looking to order a new pair of gloves, as my old, hand me down pair are on their last leg. Problem is, I can't, for the life of me, figure out proper sizing. The ones I have now are a pair of Warriors, that measure 11" from the end of the cuff to the middle finger tip, and they fit great, if a bit loose for my tastes. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Most adult gloves are 13” although it’s fairly common to see some 12” sizes stocked in stores. One of the tags on the inside of the cuff should have the size listed. If not it never hurts to go to a store and try on different styles

Get a glove that’s cut different. If it’s too lose it might not be about the size of the glove but maybe the shape. The new under amours are a very anatomical fit. That might work better for your desired feel.

All companies cut differently. If youre gonna order online go to a store first, if possible, to try different 12" and 13" gloves by each manufacturer to see what company and size fits best.

I'm a 13" glove but STX gloves dont fit me as well as Warrior gloves do. For STX glocmves the 14" option in a couple styles fits me well. You cant always just go by size.

Ordering online will probably save you money. Especially if you go to lacrosse monkey, they have good deals usually.

Source: managed lacrosse stores for many years

I just got my 12 year old son some 12” gloves and they fit really well. And he’s not a big kid.

I’m assuming you’re older - look at 13s. But as suggested above, go to a store and try them on if you can.

Nowadays you generally have two options: 12 or 13 inch. Some models will include a 14.

Generally speaking, 13s are the default size, though I feel many people could stand to go to 12s, especially youth players.

If you are of avaerage size, 13s will probably be your best bet. I'm on the small side (5'7"), and prefer 12s when I have the option, but can wear 13s.

13.0 inches ≈ 33.0 centimetres 1 inch ≈ 2.54cm

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The glove measurement is not tip of finger to the wrist for lax gloves, so ignore that 11". It originally was the measurement from where you elbow pads ended to your fingertips, which would be the pair you have is likely 13"

In lacrosse, all gloves fit differently . It’s easier in hockey when you basically have 3 types of gloves (classic 4 Rolls, anatomical, tapered) and each company has their own offering with slightly different features and material and cheaper versions of the same glove. You could get a Bauer nexus 2N, a Bauer Nexus 7000 (same line but half the price,) or a CCM 4-roll, and aside from us really picky guys, they’re mostly the same thing.

In lacrosse, every brand has their own design, and the cheaper versions are almost always completely different gloves. Rather than make something like a Nike elite 1000 and a Nike elite 500 with less expensive foams, they make an Elite, and the cheaper vapor is a totally separate line of glove.

Equally, companies might make their gloves fit completely differently from year to year. My team had the Nike Elites the first year they came out and I was a size 13. Fast forward to last gens release, and I could barely fit my hand into a 13. I thought I was going crazy, but sure enough, they just made the glove a lot smaller. Fast forward again to this year, and the current gen sizes about somewhere in between first gen and last gen.

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Moral of the story, it’s not you, it’s the manufactures/industry, and their total lack of standardization. You just need to go into a brick and mortar store, and try on every glove you can.