Under our best At-Bats section, us compile data from auction residences on bat sizes of past and also present greats. The aggregated data shows some insights worth sharing. In particular, the sheer variety of bat dimension metrics from major League football player is something we always find interesting. Native our job-related so far, we identified the longest, shortest, heaviest and also lightest bats used.

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The Longest MLB Baseball Bat

In the modern-day era, that is baseball after 1940, both Babe Ruth and also Joe DiMaggio have actually instances videotaped of swinging a 36-inch bat. Those space the longest we might find. There is one outlier in Pete Rose’s bat in ~ 36 inches, and also surprisingly, one for Ozzie blacksmith (but we suspect that is a typo on one of his auction house data entries). Ruth and also DiMaggio, top top the other hand, supplied a 36 inch length bat regularly.

MLB regulations enable a bat as much as 42 inches, however we’ve however to document anyone utilizing a bat larger than 36. Also today, huge hitters hardly ever go much over 34, let alone 35 inches. They dwarf in to compare with big hitters the the past.

The Shortest MLB Baseball Bat


The shortest MLB game-used bat we have actually yet to discover is a Tony Gwynn’s bat measuring just over 32 inches at 32 1/4. Gwynn, perhaps the finest hitter in the modern-day era, using a short bat is unexpected considering many players job-related under the presumption bigger often tends to it is in better. However the fact that the finest hitter in the contemporary day game swung a 32-inch bat, may assist a number of high college players identify those 33 and 34 inch bats are simply too big. 32 inch is wherein it’s at.

The most difficult MLB Baseball Bat


Without surprise, Babe Ruth’s 50+ ounce bats, i beg your pardon he used often, are the most heavy bats we’ve yet to record. Yet, short article the Ted Williams revolution, wherein swing path and bat speed came to be an art, few used bats an ext than 35 ounces.

Outside of those old timers who repetitively swung 40+ ounce bats, the most difficult bat we have actually yet to view is from Roberto Clemente. Clemente’s bats to be 38 ounces and also then some.

Even an ext recently, Reggie Jackson swung a substantial bat. Among his bats in ~ auction was recorded at 37.1 ounces. An pure monster that a bat because that a monster that a man.

In today’s game, nobody comes near to this sizes. Huge hitters today (like Bryce Harper) sometimes get over 35 ounces, however not through much.

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The Lightest MLB Baseball Bat


Rod Carew and also Ozzie Smith, us found, both supplied bats in the 29-ounce range. Considering a many high school players think 30+ oz bats space for the huge boys, a look in ~ the Oz and Carew would be beneficial. Considering Carew is most likely the finest hitter that his era, there need to be no dead in swinging a 29-ounce bat.