"We’ve to be wearing Jordans due to the fact that before we can even speak English", says Larry Nicolas Bourgeois, member that the renowned duo of dancers, singers and models Les Twins. "Now, to have actually Jordan self see united state doing what us do best <...> and make us part of his family members is incredible."But the important incredible thing is the pair of waiting Jordans the the French twins have developed for the current "Fearless Ones" collection.

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At first, theLes pair x air Jordan 1 Retro High OG “Fearless”may look prefer a brand-new iteration of the standard model, yet with a double colourway. A strong chromatic contrast that recalls the duality of the French dancers: the front part of the shoe is red, when the back component is light blue. These two nuances space unified by the patent leather that offers the shoe its glossy look, the extends to the standard Air Jordan ankle tag coloured in yellow on a black color backdrop. The upper"s red element is present again in the sole, a barely clearly shows touch under the white midsole.


But the best detail stays hidden. If girlfriend look in ~ the insole, friend will uncover a homage to the brand"s primary icon, Michael Jordan himself. The words he pronounced throughout his hall of call speech have the right to be read on the insole: Limits, choose fears, are frequently just an illusion.


The release of the Les twins x wait Jordan 1 Retro High OG “Fearless” is collection for November 2nd. They will be available starting from h 15:00 onNike.comand friend can try your luck v these digital raffles:






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