Austin Mahone, one American popular music singer-songwriter made renowned for his an excellent looks, remarkable talent, and also YouTube.

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Here room 50 fun facts you must know about Austin Mahone.

Austin Carter Mahone to be born top top April 4, 1996, in ~ 10:14 AM, in mountain Antonio, Texas.

His father, Carter Mahone, sadly passed away when Austin was much less than 2 years old.

His mother, Michele Mahone, raised Austin on she own, indigenous the age of 16 months.

His Star authorize is Aries.

He has a pure white cat referred to as Romo.

Until Austin made his an initial YouTube cover, he admits that wasn’t an extremely musical.

He attended Lady Bird Johnson High School however was compelled to drop the end in 2012, as result of his growing fame.

During his time in school, Austin and his girlfriend Alex Constancio produced a YouTube channel dubbed ShootUsDown. This to be the start of Austin’s career.

They first became friends when they establish they were both attract Nike shoes!

Their first upload remained in June 2010, and by seven months later, they had actually quite an digital following.

One of Austin’s biggest musical influences is Justin Bieber, and in October 2011, he posted a video clip covering Mistletoe.

Mahone is 5’7″ tall.

Mahone can play both the guitar and also drums.

If Austin can have any type of superpower, he would choose to it is in a shapeshifter.

On February 14, 2012,Austin exit his an initial single referred to as 11:11 to iTunes.

Austin Mahone has size 11 feet.

One of his favourite TV mirrors is Family Guy – can’t reference him!

On august 28, 2012, Mahone announced that he had actually been signed to global Republic Records.

His 2nd single ‘Say Somethin’ to be officially released on respectable 30, 2012.

Austin Mahone was in a commercial because that McDonald’s.

Justin Bieber cure Austin to dinner because that his 18th birthday!

His celebrity to like is Mila Kunis.

Austin Mahone thinks British accents are really cute.

Austin met Taylor Swift at a coffee shop years before he to be famous.

In 2013, Austin was chosen to be an opened act the Taylor Swift’s Red Tour.

Austin’s fan-base are well-known as Mahomies.


The very first album he ever bought was Rascal Flatts.

His favorite superhero is Batman.

He has a scar ~ above his knuckle native carving wood!

Austin started to find out guitar at age 14 however has been play the drums since age 6.

Austin offered to wear red braces and actually preferred them.

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Austin admits that he enjoys city hall chick flicks!

On June 4, 2012, Mahone release his debut EP, extended Play, which to be released just in Japan ~ above iTunes.