The singer freshly revealed in one interview the he is ultimately learning exactly how to to speak no in ~ this stage of his career. Front of the relax of his latest album `Justice,` the 27-year-old singer opened up up come Billboard and also revealed why the has made decision to currently incorporate boundaries. 

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Justin Bieber is not large on phones anymore.The singer newly revealed in an interview that he is finally learning exactly how to to speak no in ~ this stage of his career. Front of the release of his latest album `Justice,` the 27-year-old singer opened up to Billboard and revealed why that has chose to now incorporate boundaries.Justin said the outlet, "I absolutely learned how to have actually boundaries, and also I just don`t feel favor I owe anybody anything. That has actually helped me to be able to just say no and also just be firm in it and also know the my love to help people, yet I can`t execute everything. I desire to sometimes, however it`s simply not sustainable."After a te of hectic touring and also nonstop work, Bieber has finally worked out into a continual work-life schedule. Billboard detailed that the singer currently "rises through eight and checks in with his monitoring to learn what has actually happened because that Justin Bieber the popular music star if Justin Bieber the husband to be offline," before ultimately clocking the end at 6 pmto invest time through wife Hailey Baldwin.The singer no longer has actually a cell phone and instead uses an iPad to interact with his management team - basically limiting the number of people who can reach him at any type of given time. The pop-star likewise opened up about the at an early stage chapters the his career and also explained the he still felt "empty" despite the success he accomplished in the pop world. "Everything was about success, benchmarks and such, and also then i was just still empty, friend know? all my relationships were suffering, yet I had actually all this success and all of this money, and it simply wasn`t fulfilling because that me," lamented Bieber.Bieber`s time in the limelight, when exemplified by musical success, was likewise shrouded in conflict and personal conflict -- from his 2014 DUI arrest to his cancelling of 14 tour days in 2017 due to a "clear psychological crisis," per the outlet.According come Billboard, in his YouTube docuseries, `New Chapter,` Bieber common that there to be times the felt "really, yes, really suicidal," however Bieber now looks earlier at the period from a position of growth."I have the right to talk about that component of mine life and not feeling like, `Oh, man. Ns was together a negative person,` since I`m no that human anymore.

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I additionally have done the work-related to recognize why ns was make those decisions. I know where that pain to be coming from, that brought about me to act the method I to be acting," Bieber said."At this point, I`ve got to a level that success so countless times that I understand success isn`t a be-all, end-all to my happiness," he included elsewhere in the interview.