Based ~ above Jesus the Phoenician Jesus dubbed God "EL"—which is a Phoenician God—when he was on the cross. Is this case true or false? go Jesus speak to God YHWH?



No. The tetragrammaton was not used in Jesus" time. Faithful Jews would stop saying it so as to not transgress the third commandment. The most typical circumlocution was "Lord" (Andonai in Hebrew or Kurios in Greek), despite he might likewise be ad to simply as "Heaven."

In answer come Jesus making use of El native the cross. El is the usual word because that God from almost everywhere the ancient near east. It appears in Biblical Hebrew to describe the God worshiped by Jews in Psalm 18:2

1, 30, 32, 47; 22:1

, 10; 68:20; job 8:3, 4, and also 13; and others. This name (El instead of Eloh or Elohim) is an ext common in poetry than in prose. It can likewise be used to refer to idols (as in Exodus 34:14; Isaiah 44:10, 15; Psalm 81:9; and others), however it is also a surname for the Hebrew God together seen as soon as Jesus quoted Psalm 22 native the cross:

Psalm 22:1 my God, mine God, why have you exit me?...

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The Greek letter in Matthew 27:45 (ἠλι ἠλι λεμα) are a perfectly an excellent transliteration of the first three Hebrew indigenous in Psalm 22:1, אלי אלי למה. About the word for "abandoned", instead of the Biblical Hebrew "azab (עזבתני) native the Psalm, Matthew transliterates the Mishnaic Hebrew native sabak through σαβαχθανι. The root sabak is discovered in both Aramaic and also Mishnaic Hebrew.2

You will note that is the cry from the cross. The very first two words space אלי אלי i m sorry is the Hebrew assignment of Eli, Eli. The long i ending is the first person own in Hebrew. אלי אלי method "My God, mine God."

In the Hebrew Bible, it deserve to be viewed that El, YHWH, and also Eloh(im) all refer to the same deity. Because that example,

18:30 acts in a faithful manner; ’s promise is reliable; the is a shield come all that take shelter in him.18:31 Indeed, that is besides the ?Who is a protector besides our ? You can see the El and YHWH act the same (reliably and also faithfully). The following verse states outright the Eloh is the same as YHWH. Thus, YHWH, El, and also Eloh space the very same being in this Psalm. There are clearly places where El is not YHWH (see over for the idolatry references). However, in Psalm 22, the is plainly a reference to YHWH.

And thus, Jesus used El because that to be an welcomed name because that YHWH, especially when quoting a poem that supplied it.

1In the Psalms, the Hebrew verse references are frequently 1 turn off of the English due to the fact that the Hebrews counting the heading together the an initial verse.

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2David Bivin and also Roy Blizzard Jr., Understanding the difficult Words of Jesus, 10.