Introduced in generation three, through the Pokemon Ruby and also Sapphire games, Electrike is a monotype electrical Pokemon. It evolves into Manectric at level 26 and is a component of its two stage advancement line. Electrike is share by the Pokedex together the “Lightning Pokemon” which suggests its electric prowess. This overview will showcase Electrike’s appearances in the anime, its capability in battle, and also other basic facts around Electrike. 


About Electrike

As a generation three Pokemon, Electrike very first appeared in the Ruby and also Sapphire season of the anime with the illustration Watt’s through Wattson?. It played a role as one of gym leader Watson’s Pokemon offered in battle. The Pokedex says that Electrike deserve to channel electricity to give its leg muscle a an increase of energy. 

First appearance in animePokemon the Series: Ruby and also Sapphire Watt’s through Wattson? 
First figure in gamePokemon Ruby and Sapphire
Region Hoenn
Evolution Evolves into Manectric once it reaches the level threshold.
1st Evo level26
2nd Evo levelN/A
Pokedex EntryElectrike stores electrical energy in its long body hair. This Pokémon stimulates its leg muscles with electrical charges. These jolts that power give its foot explosive acceleration performance.

Electrike basic Stats



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Electrike is a small, green and also yellow, canine-like Pokemon and also the fur around its head is slicked back to be more aerodynamic. It has actually spiked fur that resembles lightning bolts and it walks about on 4 legs. There are four visible pointed fangs in Electrike’s mouth and also it has actually a little pointed tail with a yellow tip. Electrike is a little Pokemon at 2 feet and 0.6 meter tall. 



Electrike has a loyal personality and has a propelled motivation, and throughout the anime it is presented to be caring and competitive. Once Ash an initial encountered the Mauville gym leader Wattson, it to be a an easy battle and Ash win him with ease. Later on, Wattson to be comforted by a wild Electrike and also regained his confidence. The Pokedex states that Electrike is may be to fee lightning into its feet and run faster than the eye can follow. 

Strengths and also Weaknesses

As a base evolution Pokemon, there room not countless strengths come associate v Electrike although that does have a decent distinct attack and a speed stat because that a base advancement Pokemon. The rest of that stats are fairly balanced however you just need to it is in wary of its offensive capabilities. As a monotype electric Pokemon, Electrike take away 2x damage from ground type moves, has actually no immunities however will take fifty percent the normal damage from flying, steel, and electric type moves. 

Best Moveset

As a base advancement Pokemon, Electrike is exclusively minimal to LC (Little Cup) brackets of competitive play. That is commonly used as an attack Pokemon with some energy in convert out and also stealing organized items. Consider running Volt Switch, Flamethrower, Thunderbolt, and also Hidden power Grass/Switcheroo. Volt Switch gives you an efficient switch out, Flamethrower is for form coverage when Thunderbolt benefits from STAB (Same kind Attack Bonus). Concealed Power Grass and Switcheroo, ~ above the various other hand, have the right to be provided as either type coverage or because that outplay potential with held items respectively. 

Volt SwitchFlamethrower
ThunderboltHidden strength Grass/Switcheroo

How to catch Electrike in Pokemon Go

If girlfriend would choose to obtain an Electrike in Pokemon Go, there are numerous different means to do so. Girlfriend can uncover them reasonably easily in the wild close to university and also college campus locations, through their generate rates also high in cities and commercial districts. Electrike have the right to be flower from 5 km eggs and also can additionally be discovered in tier one raid battles together well. There are numerous different means you can attain an Electrike in Pokemon Go, you simply need to take it the an initial chance that comes her way. Friend will need 50 Electrike candy in order to evolve it into Manectric. 



Electrike and also Jolteon re-publishing the exact same Pokedex group as the “Lightning Pokemon”. The motivation for Electrike’s design likely comes from the Raiju, a yokai that is commonly depicted as a lightning wolf. The surname Electrike is a combination of the native electric and strike and tyke. 


How perform you evolve Electrike?

You have the right to evolve her Electrike when it will level 26 as there space no special problems to fulfill and you can evolve as quickly as you with the level threshold. Once Electrike is level 26 you just need to enable the evolution animation to beat without pushing the “B” button. After your Electrike evolves, you have actually reached the final evolution of its line with Manectric. 

What is Electrike worth?

Historically, Electrike cards have not to be worth lot in the market. The most expensive Electrike cards deserve to reach approximately $4 USD and also PSA 10 cards deserve to go for approximately $20 USD. There is not lot desire because that this card and finding a limited print Electrike is not the most amazing card to receive. 

Is Electrike an excellent in Pokemon Emerald?

In casual play, one Electrike will duty as an electric form offensive Pokemon making that a well-known pick because that the early game that Emerald. As you evolve your Electrike the will become faster and hit more tough making the a decent choice for electric form coverage. In competitive play, Electrike has actually not seen lot play as a base advancement Pokemon. 


Congratulations, friend now recognize just about everything there is come know around this “Lightning Pokemon”. If Electrike does not look prefer much, it has actually a most potential as an offensive Pokemon with sufficient investment. That is not particularly suited for competitive play, yet it can duty as one offensive unique attacker.

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There is nothing that is bad around Electrike but it can be tough to narrow down numerous of the strengths. Reserve a slot on her team because that Electrike if you want an offensive electric form Pokemon.