After examining the Tillamook Indians, I discovered that there is a very minimal amount of information pertaining to the tribe. Throughout the food of this blog assignment i looked at the SPSCC digital library, I went into the SPSCC library, and I also contacted the Timberland regional Library, in order to find text books that had actually information about the Tillamook people. In the end, I discovered that the Handbook of phibìc American Indians Encyclopedia to be the best source for this project.

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I discovered it surprising that the Tillamook human being are not a federally well-known tribe. Additionally, due to the fact that termination, Tillamook descendants have decreased to to organize or to look for a reversal the their unrecognized status. Some are members of the Confederated tribes of Siletz and the Grande Ronde community.

I would love to know more about the Tillamook people today. Specifically, i would choose to understand if they still practice specific cultural traditions. What initiatives are castle making to keep their culture? Also, indigenous American’s are regularly remembered because that their intricate works that art, yet there isn’t much details on Tillamook artwork besides basketry.


Tillamook (Native americans of the Northwest Coast). 13 June 2017. Derived indigenous

“Handbook of phibìc American Indians. Volume 7”, Smithsonian school Washington. 1990.

After a baby’s birth, the mother remained confined and taken treatment of for 15 days while the father forfeited sleep for 10 nights. Cost-free infants’ heads were deformed. Babies were fed ~ above demand and also sucked elk sinew pacifiers. Youngsters were formally named at an ear-piercing ceremony; boys additionally had your nasal septa pierced. This ceremony contained feasting and dancing and also varied follow to the family’s wealth. Children were seldom punished corporally.

Girls were secluded in ~ the onset of puberty and also underwent a collection of ritual behaviors and also food taboos. One such ritual was an all-night guardian heart vigil in the woods, during which the girl repetitively bathed in a cold stream. Any spirits gained throughout this search remained inactive until middle age. At puberty, guys fasted and undertook guardian spirit searches that likewise included bathing. A boy’s an individual power and also adult occupation were equated with the spirit song he acquired at the time. Boys, too, set off their heart powers only at middle age.

Although marital relationships were arranged, the principals were consulted and respected. Bride and groom prices were commensurate with their family’s status. Initial residence remained in the groom’s parents’ village. High-status men might have much more than one wife. Infanticide to be a common result of illegitimate births.

Corpses to be painted, dressed, wrapped in a blanket, and bound through cedar bark. After a two- to three-day wake, they were buried in elevated canoes. Rich families can reopen the grave after ~ a year, clean the bones, and replace the dig goods.


Tillamook (Native americans of the Northwest Coast). 13 June 2017. Derived from

“Handbook of north American Indians. Volume 7”, Smithsonian school Washington. 1990.

Religion: Tillamook’s test to gain power native spirits, whom they thought were much more active and also closer to human beings in winter. Shamans renewed their power in January or February by sponsoring a awareness that contained singing a power song and dispensing food and also presents come guests. During the food of this 5- come 15-day ceremony, all various other “knowers” (those with heart powers) sang your songs too. Winter was likewise the time for relating myth narratives. Mythological characters were an especially important due to the fact that social standing was dependence on one’s capacity to kind a connection with a supernatural personage, a natural feature, or a guardian spirit. Rituals likewise accompanied the an initial seasonal usage of miscellaneous foods.

The Tillamook recognize no divine beings as such. The planet itself was personified together omniscient and also judgmental the the action of people, but it remained in no sense worshipped. (“Handbook of north American Indians” pg. 566)

Mythology: The only suitable season for Tillamook myth telling was midwinter. Children and younger people were required to recline top top mats. If they were to sit throughout a story-telling conference they would thrive hunchbacked. Tales were commonly told by one raconteur, and also should not be recited through a various teller during the same season.

The mythic personages who lived in the myth age and revolution era were vital to the historic Tillamook since an individual’s status and merit was thought to it is in largely determined by his capacity to get a life-long partnership v one or an ext of these guardian spirits.

A Tillamook was thought to start existence in Babyland, was born into this human being to flourish up, to search for a guardian spirit, to marry and t die before passing an initial to the afterworld. (“Handbook of phibìc American Indians” pg. 566)


Tillamook (Native american of the Northwest Coast). 13 June 2017. Derived from

“Handbook of phibìc American Indians. Volume 7”, Smithsonian college Washington. 1990.

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Living off theLand

Beaver, muskrat, bear, and other animals were consumed in season. They hunted animals communally, v dogs. Additionally, game was lured by calls, driven right into enclosures or end cliffs; and deadfalls were used. Whales, sea lions, seals, and shellfish were taken indigenous the sea. Native the rivers, fish were caught in weirs, traps, and seine and also gill nets. Castle could additionally be speared or clubbed.

Food ready was by vapor cooking in an planet oven, stone-boiling in baskets or bowls, and drying on a rack. Serving dishes to be of wood. Spoons were made the wood, mussel shell, or elk antler. (“Handbook of phibìc American Indians.” pg. 564)


A broken leg was tightly bandaged through strips the buckskin and also the person had actually to lie with that limb in one position for 2 or three weeks. For boils, a salve-like poultice was prepared by cook spruce pitch and also elk fat together. Hammered dandelion pipeline were considered fantastic treatment because that burns. Around a teaspoonful the water in which cooked camas had been soaked till the liquid was a deep red was offered to tiny babies as a sick mouth preventative. Because that aching ears or teeth, one made a soft buckskin sack and also filled that with warm ashes. Women’s milk was considered a heal agent for sore eyes. (“The Nehalem Tillamook” pg. 91-92)


“Handbook of north American Indians. Volume 7”, Smithsonian institution Washington. 1990.

“The Nehalem Tillamook.” Elizabeth D. Jacobs. 2003

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Legal efforts and Struggles because that theTillamook

The greatest usurpation of Tillamook lands to be by American settlers stimulated by the Donation Land action of 1850. In the ensuring years, non-Indians literally overfilled Tillamook’s off your beaches. (“A guide to the Indian tribes of the Pacific Northwest.” , pg. 346)

In 1856 castle were forced to the Siletz Reservation through other small remnant tribes. In 1898 the Tillamook and also the Clatsop, one more Coast Salish people, to be the first tribes come sue the joined States federal government for compensation for land it had taken native them. They to be paid a settlement in 1907. Your descendants are currently considered part of the Siletz, together generations of civilization have intermarried. (“Tillamook People”)

Current defect Issues

The Tillamook are landless; however, many remaining Tillamook live in their indigenous homeland. No Tillamook tribe has used for federal acknowledgment nor preserved an official organization. (“Native American Tribes”, pg. 509)

Some Tillamook people are enrolled in one of two people the federally known Confederated people of Siletz indians of Oregon or the Confederated people of the cool Ronde neighborhood of Oregon. Other Tillamook are part of the i could not recognize it Clatsop Nehalem Confederated Tribes. (“Tillamook People”)


“A overview to the Indian tribes of the Pacific Northwest. 3rd Edition” Robert H. Ruby, man A. Brown, carry C. Collins.

“Handbook of phibìc American Indians. Volume 7”, Smithsonian school Washington. 1990.

“Tillamook People.” 28 February 2017. Wikipedia. Retrieved indigenous

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Tillamook Art

The Tillamook were an extremely well well-known for their weaving and also basketry The weavers and basket equipments were normally women. Plenty of different type of baskets were made, varying from large wicker baskets for carrying fish and clams to smaller sized baskets made indigenous cedar bark fibers. “Indians 101: The Tillamook Indians.”

" data-medium-file="" data-large-file="" class="alignnone size-full wp-image-110" src="" alt="Grass and also Cedar Basket" srcset=" 580w, 140w, 280w" sizes="(max-width: 580px) 100vw, 580px" />Shown above are some instances of Tillamook basketry on display screen at the Tillamook county Pioneer Museum.Furthermore, the Tillamook produced basketry the was almost indistinguishable native the wraptwined job-related of the Chinookans and the reduced Chehalis. Level twining was the method unusually work on the central Oregon coast, usually in spruce source on a warp the hazel shoots, woven totally of spruce source in fine, close twining. (Handbook of north American Indians, Pg. 627)

Music in Tillamook society consisted that spirit-power song in an excellent numbers. Ceremonial chants, fun songs, battle or pre-fighting and also post fighting songs, games, and gambling songs, love songs, lullabies, and maybe various other types. (“The Nehalem Tillamook” pg. 206)


“Handbook of phibìc American Indians. Volume 7”, Smithsonian school Washington. 1990.

“The Nehalem Tillamook.” Elizabeth D. Jacobs. 2003

Some ethnologists have determined four teams within the Tillamook tribe: the Nehalem’s, the Tillamook’s proper, the Nestuccas, and also the Nechesnes (who room often dubbed the Salmon flow Indians), follow to writer Ruby, Brown, and Collins, In a guide to the Indian tribes of the Pacific Northwest. At the moment of the very first white contact, each of the 4 groups may have actually been created of multiple villages. Subsequently, the Tillamook individuals were generally reduced to a single village by conditions such as syphilis and smallpox and also through abuse that liquor and firearms. Each team was a tribal entity just in the it was autonomous. (A overview to the Indian tribes of the Pacific Northwest, Pg. 345-346)

In the Handbook of phibìc American Indians, william R. Seaburg and Jay Miller, stated that the very first recorded conference of Europeans v the Tillamook to be by Robert Haswell, a member that the crew of Robert Gray’s sloop Lady Washington, on respectable 10, 1788. (Northwest Coast, Volume 7, Pg. 560) Lewis and Clark to be the next Whites to explain the Tillamook during their stay on Clatsop plains in the winter the 1805-1806. Lewis and also Clark estimated the variety of Tillamook’s to be in the 1,000 in 1805-1806. (Northwest Coast, Volume 7, Pg. 561) In 1849, there to be an approximated 400 Tillamook people. The decline in Tillamook numbers was due more to epidemics that malaria and also other diseases in the 1830’s 보다 to warfare v invading White settlers in the 1840’s and also 1850’s.


“Handbook of north American Indians. Volume 7”, Smithsonian college Washington. 1990.

A guide to the Indian tribes of the Pacific Northwest. 3rd Edition” Robert H. Ruby, man A. Brown, wear C. Collins.

Tillamook prior to Encounter through Europeans:

According come authors, Robert Ruby, man Brown, and Cary Collins, in the textbook, A guide to the Indian people of the Pacific Northwest, life before contact with Europeans was quite different. Before the 19th century, the Tillamook’s exercised tattooing. They held slaves in the path of many northwest shore people. They lived on waterfowl such as ducks and also geese, i beg your pardon they caught by put on pitch-and-feather-covered baskets as decoys over your heads. They also hunted video game with bows and arrows. They recorded fished and gathered shellfish, some of which they carried end the Coast variety into the Willamette sink to trade to the inhabitants of the Tualatin nation for goods. Sometimes the Tillamook canoed up the coast and also the Columbia river to trade. Furthermore, the Tillamook resided in plank-and-mat houses, countless of which had actually pitched, burned like roofs. (A overview to the Indian tribes of the Pacific Northwest, Pg. 345-346)

In the, Handbook of phibìc American Indians, Tillamook culture was split into a big class that freeborn individuals and a lot smaller course of slaves. Additionally, the Tillamook towns were often located at the mouth of rivers or streams. Villages contained several permanent dwelling houses. Houses were populated by four families. (Handbook of north American Indians, Pg. 561) Furthermore, prior to Europeans arrived it was timeless for women wore a big back apron the grass, tulle rush, or shredded bark, a small front apron, and also short buckskin leggings. They had caps that basketry or pet fur. Guys wore breechclouts, buckskin shirts, and loose skin trousers. A one-piece moccasin was worn. In snow, a circular-type snowshoe was used. ( Pg. 562)

Courtesy of the Pioneer Museum, Tillamook, Oregon.

" data-image-caption="

Maggie Adams and also her daughter, Lizzy Adams, ca. 1890.

" data-medium-file="" data-large-file="" class="alignnone size-full wp-image-96" src="" alt="Tillamook Women" srcset=" 302w, 101w, 202w" sizes="(max-width: 302px) 100vw, 302px" />Maggie Adams and her daughter, Lizzy Adams, ca. 1890.

The ancestors of this Tillamook ladies had call with Meriwether Lewis and also William Clark. The basket in Lizzie’s hand was offered for carrying assorted goods but sometimes the Tillamook’s also wore feather-covered baskets over your heads together decoys come snare waterfowl.

Courtesy of the Pioneer Museum, Tillamook, Oregon.


“Handbook of north American Indians. Volume 7”, Smithsonian institution Washington. 1990.

“A overview to the Indian tribes of the Pacific Northwest. 3rd Edition” Robert H. Ruby, john A. Brown, wear C. Collins.

Location: The Tillamook settled in villages native the mouth of the Necanicum River south to Tillamook Bay, the Tillamook were Salish Indians living in what is currently northwest Oregon.



The Tillamook spook the southernmost language o the Salishan language family. As a single-language subdivision that Salishan, Tillamook is an ext closely related to the main Salishah 보다 to any type of other branch the the language family. (Handbook of north American Indians, Pg. 560)


Winter towns were usually built at the mouths of rivers or streams. They generally consisted of numerous houses, at the very least one work-and-menstrual hut, sweat houses, and also a graveyard. Rectangle-shaped houses, i m sorry were inhabited by increase to four families, were built of cedar pink tied together with peeled and also steamed spruce roots. Roofs were gabled through overlapping planks. Each had several fires in a center pit and also sleeping platforms along the sides. Some homes were developed aboveground and some to be semi subterranean (with a door in the roof and also entrance via a ladder). Mat partitions be separated families and multiple wives. Floors were spanned by ferns and rush mats. Pitch torches or fish-head or whale-oil lamps noted extra light. Roots were kept in pits in ~ the floor.

War and also Weapons:

Weapons had hunting equipment as well as elk hide armor. The Tillamook painted themselves for war with red and also black stripes. Their enemies may have had the Chinook and the Kalapuyans. Slave raiding may have actually been a major object the war.


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I’m supervisor excited to start my very very first Blog! i think it’s a fun and easy way to learn around a particular NW coastline tribe! i can’t wait to see my final products, as well as myclassmates.