Acclaimed TV personality, producer, author, music manager, businesswoman and also cancer survivor Sharon Osbourne doesn’t just love dogs – she’s got a soft spot for sweet little Pomeranians. 

Osbourne, who has actually been a judge on NBC’s hit truth competition show “America’s obtained Talent” for several seasons, is the proud Pommy Mommy of numerous rescue Poms – Bella, Mr. Chips, Chicken, Bunny, Puffy, Rocky and also Pippy.

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Photographers have often recorded shots of this celebrity Pommy Mommy purchase at deluxe retail boutiques in L.A. Through a Giorgio Armani bag top top one arm and also one of her adorable Poms tucked under the other. She’s also been spotted walking she Poms in the park and also they’ve to be seen gaining a lift v her in a limousine. Together is the life of a Pommy that is owned by a celeb!

Osbourne devotes an entire portion of her an individual website to she pets. She has posted photos of her 13 dogs – of which at least six room Poms! She defines Mr. Chips, a teacup Pomeranian named by she heavy-metal singer/songwriter husband Ozzy Osbourne, as the “most gorgeous biology from the floor of Poms.” She goes on come say that is the “snuggliest of them all and also spends most of his preventive time gift carried around like a infant by everyone in the house!”

Osbourne also talks around Pippy, her black color teacup Pomeranian. This Pommy has had an amazing life.

“Bought by me as a gift for Aimee, she was stolen by a housekeeper that functioned on ours street and taken come live 200 miles outside of Los Angeles,”Osbourne writes on her website. “Many months later on the U.S. Morning talk present “Live! through Regis and Kelly” featured a segment on Pippy and how she was stolen native the Osbourne’s. We received countless calls from world that had actually spotted ours Pippy and finally come our happiness Pip was returned to us – a little shaken, however unharmed! Upon her return she was viciously attacked by a coyote and wrenched native its serrated jaw by a terrified, but


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brave Ozzy.”

Osbourne also owned another Pom called Minnie, who passed away in 2008. Her various other dogs incorporate Maggie and brand-new Baby a.k.a. Crazy infant the Japanese Chins, Lola the English Bulldog, martin the Chihuahua, Mini the Maltese, and also Storm, two Face and also Charlie. She does no specify a breed for Storm, 2 Face and Charlie, but Two confront looks like he might be part Pom.

Osbourne has admitted that she employs a nanny to help her take treatment of every one of her dogs, which space rescues. She has been quoted saying: “They’re such company. Ns rescue them all…and I have actually a full-time nanny simply to care for them. Bella, a five-pound Pomeranian, is mine favorite.”


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Osbourne’s love for Poms runs in the family. Her daughter, Kelly Osbourne, additionally has two rescue Pomeranians – a tiny black one called Sid and also a caramel-colored one named Story. She additionally had one named Noodles that passed far in 2011.

Osbourne’s renowned husband had a Pomeranian named tiny Bit, that was tragically eaten by a coyote in ~ his family’s Los Angeles residence years earlier while the Osbournes were the town hall the Michael Jackson tribute and also funeral top top TV.

Osbourne has enjoyed an extremely diverse career. She came right into the limelight after creating, producing and appearing in among the first celebrity fact TV shows, “The Osbournes,” which adhered to her family’s daily life. The present had among MTV’s highest possible ratings and won a Primetime Emmy for ideal Reality show in 2003.

Osbourne later came to be a judge on the talent shows “The X Factor” in the U.K. And also then “America’s got Talent” in the U.S.

Following the success of “The Osbournes” and also “The X Factor,” Osbourne hosted her very own talk show. She is among the co-hosts the “The

Talk,” during which she discusses controversial topics and modern issues. She additionally starred in season three of NBC’s “The Celebrity Apprentice” in 2010.Osbourne has made guest appearances on “Will & Grace,” “Days of ours Lives,” “Punk’d,” and several others.

 Osbourne has likewise had great success in the music industry. She is attributed with conserving her husband’s hefty metal job by starting the summer Ozzfest tour, i m sorry has end up being one of the biggest hard rock touring festivals in America. She has likewise managed numerous artists’ careers including the wrecking Pumpkins, Motorhead, black Sabbath, electric Light Orchestra, Slade and also others.

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Osbourne can add author to her title having actually written one autobiography, “Sharon Osbourne Extreme: my Autobiography,” and also “Revenge,” i m sorry is about a vain relationship between two sisters.

Having survived colon cancer, she started the Sharon Osbourne Colon Cancer foundation in association v Cedars Sinai medical Center. The foundation’s mission is come provide free screenings, support and healthcare come those with the condition who can not afford it. Together with the truth that she provides a house to many pets in need, that makes Osbourne a Pommy Mommy us can gain on plank with!