The famous comic piece character produced by Jim Davis, has acquired many world curious as to whether a Garfield cat breeds really exist.

Just exactly what sort of cat is this top kitty?

Do his breeds (yes, breeds, he’s more than one together you’ll view below) make an excellent household pets?

Keep analysis for all of these answers and more!


The Maine Coon gets its name from Maine, USA wherein it first originated. They’re rather popular amongst American cat lovers.

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Maine Coons are thought about to be among the largest breeds the cats. They normally weigh almost everywhere from 6-11 kgs and also can reach approximately 16-inches tall.

For domesticated house cats, they deserve to be quite long reaching as much as an average of 38 customs in length.

They are huge ear cat breeds through their ears sitting high on your heads. Your ears space quite big in width at the basic which continuously tapers together they with the tip.

The Maine Coon has actually a thick and shaggy coat. Together with its size, this pet cat breed is just one of the many huggable over there is.

Despite that is size, the Maine Coon has actually a tenderness personality which renders it a perfect complement for kids. It is an smart breed and it deserve to be trained to monitor commands, pretty lot like dogs.

Unlike various other cats, this breed appears to gain water so offering a bath is no a trouble with this gentle giants.

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If this cat were colored gray, you could probably consider this breed as the live variation of Garfield’s cat nemesis, Nermal.

Munchkins, as their surname implies, are tiny cats through thick but well-rounded chests, medium-sized bodies, and short legs. They have actually walnut-shaped eyes that are widely spaced.

Their ears are vast at the base and although castle taper, the tips space rounded quite than pointed. They may have actually either short or lengthy silky hair.

Munchkins can be an extremely playful and also active, qualified of forming strong bonds through their people through continuous interaction with them.

They are quite affectionate and also friendly, in spite of their naughty character. Although they room pretty playful and active, don’t expect to see much climbing from this breed as result of their brief legs.

The brief legs though perform not limit their task as this breed have the right to be pretty agile and also quick. At the finish of the day, after every the play, they do like come cuddle up to their humans and end up in their chosen human’s lap.

American Bobtail

American bobtails have actually long coats that are silky in texture. They have actually medium-sized heads, almond-shaped eyes, and short tails offering them a gorgeous appearance. Their coats come in a wide combination of patterns and shades.

Just prefer Munchkins, American Bobtails too have the right to be fairly intelligent, playful, and also energetic. They, too, deserve to be fairly friendly also to strangers and also other household pets. (Yes again! It have the right to get together with the pet dog too!)

They likewise are very loyal come their adopted humans, creating deep bonds v those whom they pick to associate.

Turkish Angora

These types of cats carry with castle a graceful look due to their fine and also silky coat. They come in a wide range of colors, consisting of the orange color that is linked with Garfield.

unlike Garfield though, your bodies have the right to be long and also muscular, which to add to that graceful look. They likewise have heads that are little and round, with ears that are rather a large set.

The almond eyes deserve to come in various colors also — combine blue-amber or blue-green!

Turkish Angoras have the right to be quite active and they like to stay in high places.

Although tenderness in nature, Turkish Angoras seem come be set in their opinions. They can be quite insistent through what they want that you have the right to rarely victory an discussion with this feline friend.

In various other words, they prefer to be in control of the situation. This doesn’t typical though that they aren’t qualified of affection. They deserve to be affectionate yet a bit more reserved than the others on the list.

They can likewise be very committed companions as well. Angoras develop a good sense of loyalty to the family members that has adopted it, however it does have actually the propensity to it is in more committed to the member the showers him through the most affection.


The Bengal cat may take on the functions of a wildcat, but its temperament is pretty much that of a residential housecat. It has actually a muscular body covered with a thick, orange coat that has black clues or stripes. This provides it one of the many beautiful domestic, unique breeds of cats.

The Bengal cat is a really active and also playful cat. That muscular body provides it simple for lock to obtain to pretty high places, which is wherein you deserve to usually find them. They likewise are rather intelligent and curious. Girlfriend can conveniently teach them a variety of tricks, that is if they haven’t learned the top by themselves. Bengal cat are quite friendly for this reason they automatically get in addition to humans.

They are fairly fun-loving but are pretty committed and faithful to their embraced family. They execute like seek attention and that is what you have actually to give to them in order because that you to get their unswerving loyalty. Attention, however, doesn’t median that castle love being cuddled. Bengals treasure their freedom quite a little so restraining lock in a hug can be a source of irritation for them.

There may be plenty of other cat each other that can pass for a Garfield cat breed. Something that drops within the classification of an orange cat species can be taken into consideration a Garfield cat breed. The cat’s passion for lasagna though is an entirely various matter.

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