What size battery does your Fossil clock need?

If friend are have actually a Fossil watch that needs a new battery you are more than likely considering your choices for repair and curious around what Fossil watch Battery size you need.

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The many accurate prize is the "it depends". Fossil watches take a couple of different dimension batteries depending on the model of watch. The only means to call for certain is to open the clock up (see our how to change a fossil clock battery guide) come see just how to open a Fossil watch and see the battery type.

Fossil clock Battery Replacement

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Fossil clock Battery Size:

Here at watch Gnome, we have readjusted hundreds that Fossil clock batteries v our Fossil watch battery replacement service and an extremely carefully monitor the types of batteries:

Most Popular: 370 / 371 us have uncovered that 50% that the Fossil watch batteries we change are this type. Second Place: 377 The 2nd most famous Fossil watch battery dimension is the 377 with 30% that the watches we change.Third Place: 364 The staying 20% of the Fossil watch batteries we readjust are sized 364.


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Options for Fossil Battery Replacement

If your Fossil watch quit ticking, it"s best to acquire the battery readjusted and acquire it running again. Fossil watches room a reasonable investment at $75 to $300 each, and it"s occupational repairing the battery as opposed to just buying a new watch.

DIY: If girlfriend are analysis this post, it"s most likely you are little of a DIYer and also considering changing the battery yourself. Us applaud her ingenuity! A few helpful hints:Fossil Battery Cost: About $6-12 if you buy just one, high high quality batteryUse The best Tools: There room a most tips and also tricks to change batteries with "house host tools" - This is totally fine, however just be mindful there is some danger of scratching or damaging the watch. So simply be careful!Local Jeweler or watch Repair: Again another an excellent option if you can uncover one friend trust and can preventive the 60-90 minute to travel there and also drop the clock off.

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Cost: Expect come pay in between $25 - $50 because that this optionBattery Replacement by Mail: If you are looking to get your Fossil clock battery replaced by a professional but would favor to save some time and money, think about Watch Gnome. We can change your battery for as small as $20 and also do the totality thing without you having actually to leave your house.


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Watch Gnome is America"s #1 provider of online watch battery replacement via mail and also we have serviced countless watches. See how our process works and also how much it costs!