TV shows frequently undergo major cast changes, like once Aunt Viv was replaced in The new Prince of Bel-Air after Season 3. Other times, personalities disappear without a trace, sometimes with pretty chilling implications, favor Judy Winslow vanished native Family Matters without any type of explanation. I average why is nobody talking about the missing kid?

Reba fans also noticed the Kyra didn't obtain a lot of display time in Season 5. In fact, she was only in 2 episodes, for this reason what occurred to her?

What 'Reba' fans might not know: Scarlett Pomers was battling anorexia at the moment of her absence.

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Actress Scarlett Pomers played Reba's center child with a sassy attitude, constantly providing quips and comebacks at her young brother Jacob and also brother-in-law Van's expense. The sitcom assisted launch entertainment careers for plenty of of that is stars, back Pomers hasn't taken countless roles due to the fact that the present ended in 2007. She did, however, begin a band called SCARLETT which exit an EP in 2010 title "Insane."

As every Amo Mama, Scarlett's wellness issues involved light about the time the cast was gearing approximately film the series' 5th season. Kyra to be always really petite. However, the actress dropped under to a reported 73 lbs. As result of suffering indigenous anorexia. Transparent the majority of filming Season 5, Pomers top to a therapy facility in order to rectify her wellness issues.

Man, Reba and Kyra continued to be with the drags and Savagery. Ns still watch it come this day.


As a result, she only appeared in two episodes in the show's 5th season. After properly completing she treatment, she went back to Season 6 and also the show writers handled her exit from the vault season deftly. Once Kyra walks right into the door that Reba's house, the show's titular personality asks her wherein she's been, come which Kyra replies, "I walk to obtain something to eat."

Scarlett finished out the show's sixth and final season and, quickly after act so, announced that she was retiring native acting and was intent on focusing her efforts on photography and also music. She's often discovered playing in ~ the residence of Blues and also Whiskey a go Go.

Interestingly enough, there's a lot to imply that Scarlett's exhilaration career could an extremely well have brought on after Reba, as she received lots of acclaim because that another role she take it on prior to the sitcom.

Reba: oh my God!Jake: What?Kyra: Barbara Jean’s pregnant!Jake: I thought Cheyenne to be pregnantReba & Brock: WHAT?!?Cheyenne: SHUT increase JAKE!Kyra: earlier off, he’s just a stupid kidJake: I’m no stupid she left the pregnant test in the garbage can! #OTD 2001 #Reba #TheWB #Pilot

— opportunity WB Hurst 👁 (

In Star Trek: Voyager she played Naomi Wildman, a half-Ktarian half-human character for which she won the Young Artist award for best Performance in a Drama collection From a supporting Actress.

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The young woman was first discovered by a talent certified dealer at the age of 3 once she was in a to buy mall with her mom. The agent managed to guide her mom to let her act and also it turned right into a pretty financially rewarding career because that Scarlett — she has actually a reported network worth of $2 million. 


In enhancement to snapping photos and making music, Scarlett likewise became an ambassador for the nationwide Eating obstacle Association and launched Arch-Angels, a routine that help secure resources so human being with eating disorders to look for out the therapy they need if lock can't purchased to execute so on their own.

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