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 Antonia Eugenia “Nia” Vardalos was born top top September 24, 1962.2. She is a Canadian actress, screenwriter, director, and producer the Greek descent.3. Her many notable work is the 2002 Academy Award–nominated film My big Fat Greek Wedding, which was based on a one-woman stage play she dramatized and also in which she starred.4. Vardalos was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba ~ above September 24, 1962.5. She is the daughter of Greek Canadian parental Doreen, a bookkeeper and homemaker, and also Constantine “Gus” Vardalos, a soil developer.
6. She attend Shaftesbury High School and Ryerson college in Toronto.7. An alumna that the Chicago-based second City comedy repertory company, Vardalos had many tiny roles in television shows such as The drew Carey Show and Two Guys and a Girl; in addition, she listed voices because that the 1996 radio adaptation the Star Wars: Return that the Jedi i m sorry Brian Daley had actually written for national Public Radio.8. She got fame v her movie around a woman’s battle to uncover love in My huge Fat Greek Wedding, i beg your pardon was based on a one-woman display which Vardalos had previously composed for the theater and also starred in onstage. The film was a huge critical and commercial success. The movie earned Vardalos an Academy compensation Nomination for ideal Writing, a gold Globe Nomination for best Actress in a Motion photo Musical or Comedy and also a display screen Actors Guild award Nomination.9. The sleeper hit, which quickly came to be one that the highest-grossing independent movies of every time, brought about the not successful CBS spin-off series, My huge Fat Greek Life. The display was cancelled after seven episodes and also featured the entire actors from the film, beside from john Corbett.<7> Her following film, released in 2004, to be Connie and also Carla, a musical about two ladies pretending come be drag queens.
10. She made she directing debut in 2009 with the independent feature I dislike Valentine’s Day. The film, about a florist detect romance, received only a minimal release and grossed $1,985,260 in ~ the worldwide box-office.
11. This was complied with by mine Life in Ruins, about a misguided tour-guide travelling about Greece and also featuring Academy award winner Richard Dreyfuss. The film to be the very first American production given permission to film at the Acropolis; Vardalos seek the approval indigenous the Greek Government. The film to be a center success at both the international box-office and also DVD sales.12. She married American actor Ian Gomez on September 5, 1993.13. Gomez convert to Greek Orthodoxy prior to marrying her.14. In 2008, they adopted a daughter named Ilaria.
15. She post an advice column around the adoption process at The Huffington Post.16. She came to be a U.S. Citizen in 1999.17. In 2011, Vardalos collaborated v Tom Hanks to compose the romantic comedy film Larry Crowne because that the screen.18. The film got moderate reviews and also was a advertisement success, grossing $59.8 million; Vardalos also voiced the character Map Genie in the film. As of 2013, Vardalos was slated come star in the upcoming movies Talk the the town (2012) and also A Wilderness of primates (2013).19. Vardalos is amongst many celebrities helping to create The 1 second Film arts project. Vardalos was featured in The dialogue interview series. In this 90 minute interview through producer Mike DeLuca, Vardalos talks about how she experiences in The second City comedy troupe assisted her together an actress and a screenwriter, and also how the unofficial “tell-the-Greek” word-of-mouth program had actually a hand in catapulting she movie come such good heights. She perform The Beatles track “Golden Slumbers” on the 2006 charity album Unexpected dreams – song From the Stars. In might 2015, she commenced filming My big Fat Greek Wedding 2 in Canada.
20. Married NY-born TV gibbs Ian Gomez in Winnipeg’s St. Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church.
21. Named after she grandmothers Eugenia and Antonia.22. Was a vegetarian because that eleven years prior to her household wore she down.23. Is one alumna that The 2nd City.
24. Became a nature U.S. Citizen on April 20, 1999.25. She was nominated because that a 1994 Joseph Jefferson Award for Actress in a Revue because that “Whitewater for Chocolate”, at the 2nd City Theatre in Chicago, Illinois.26. Once worked the box office in ~ Toronto’s second City.27.

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She is 5′ 6″ (1,68 m) tall.