"Roll On, Columbia, roll On"

written by Woody Guthrie embraced in 1987.

"Roll On, Columbia, role On" was adopted in 1987 due to the fact that of the song"s message and also popularity.

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Washington State people Song:"Roll On, Columbia, role On

"Roll On, Columbia, roll On"

Roll on, Columbia, role on role on, Columbia, role on Your power is transforming our darkness come dawn So role on, Columbia, role on. green Douglas firs whereby the waters cut through under her wild mountains and canyons she flew Canadian Northwest to the oceans so blue role on Columbia, roll on Other an excellent rivers include power to you Yakima, Snake, and the Klickitat, as well Sandy Willamette and Hood River too So roll on, Columbia, role on Tom Jefferson"s vision would certainly not let him rest an empire he saw in the Pacific Northwest sent Lewis and Clark and also they walk the remainder So roll on, Columbia, role on It"s there on your banks that we fought plenty of a fight Sheridan"s boys in the blockhouse that night lock saw united state in death but never in flight So roll on Columbia, roll on at Bonneville now there room ships in the locks The waters have risen and cleared all the rocks Shiploads of many will steam past the docks So role on, Columbia, role on and on increase the flow is grand Coulee Dam The mightiest point ever constructed by a man To operation the good factories and also water the floor So role on, Columbia, roll on these mighty males labored by day and by night matching their strength "gainst the river"s wild trip Through rapids and falls, they winner the difficult fight So roll on, Columbia, role on

Origin of people Song: "Roll On, Columbia, role On"

In the at an early stage 1940s, the commonwealth Bonneville Power administration produced a movie encouraging rural citizens in the Pacific Northwest come electrify your homes and also farms with the power being created by the newly-built Bonneville and also Grand Coulee Dams on the Columbia River. As component of the project, BPA hired folksinger Woody Guthrie in ~ $270 for 30 days to compose songs because that the movie. Guthrie wrote 26 songs, the most renowned of which was "Roll On, Columbia, roll On", one ode to the harnessing that Washington"s mightiest river. It to be approved together the official Washington state people song by the legislative branch in 1987.

Washington Law

The law designating the folk song, "Roll ~ above Columbia, role On," written by Woody Guthrie together the main Washington state people song is discovered in the Revised code of Washington, title 1, thing 1.20, section 1.20.073.

Chapter 1.20 RCW location 1 general PROVISIONS RCW 1.20.073 State folk song. The legislative recognizes that winter recreational tasks are part of the individual tradition that the state the Washington. Winter recreational activities serve to rotate the darkness the a northwest winter right into the dawn of put in order vitality. Together the winter snows dissolve into the torrents of spring, the Columbia flow is nourished. The Columbia river is the proud of the northwest and also the unifying geographic aspect of the state. In order come celebrate the flow which ties the winter recreation playground of snowcapped mountains and the Yakima, Snake, and also the Klickitat rivers to the s so blue, the legislature declares the the official state folk song is "Roll on Columbia, role On," written by Woody Guthrie. <1987 c 526 § 4.>


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Forty-nine claims of the United states (all except brand-new Jersey) have actually one or much more state songs
, selected by the state legislature together a prize of the state.