by Jay Backer in march 28, 2020

How a customer"s inquiry turned into a class in pool liner standards.

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*Shelly contacted family members Pool Fun recently to voice her comes to over one above ground pool liner she had purchased from our company. After pointing out to the certified swimming pool professional she hired to install the liner the it was 25 mil thick, he informed her that it was not actually a true 25 mils. Shelly to be shocked. So, she contacted united state to uncover out just how our liners room measured.

We take our customers concerns very seriously and appreciated the truth that Shelly got to out to us. Sometimes, as was the situation with Shelly, a straightforward bit of lacking information is the root reason of a customer"s dissatisfaction.

In this case, Shelly had ordered a 25 gauge swimming pool liner. Oftentimes the word "gauge" and also "mil" are offered interchangeably when pointing out replacement vinyl pool liners, however it is vital to keep in mind that there is a slight difference between the two. Technically, a mil is precisely one one-thousandths that an inch (.001"). In the swimming pool industry, this measure up is commonly only offered to describe in-ground swimming pool liners. Conversely, over ground swimming pool liners prefer the one Shelly ordered room most regularly referred come by your gauge. For example, we list this Sarasota Tile swimming pool liner top top our website as a 25 gauge liner. The ax "gauge" is around equivalent come a mil yet can vary rather from one manufacturer to another. So, relying on the liner, it may not be precisely 25 one-thousandths of an inch, or 25 mil, thick.

The liner is the most important part of an over ground pool

Liner thickness is an important fact to understand. It may seem favor a little difference, but it"s a discrepancy the we desire Shelly -and all our other customers- to be mindful of because the liner is the many important component of an above ground pool. It"s common practice in the pool industry to refer to above-ground liner with referral to your gauge, and also because that that we would never ever advertise or market one as 25 mil. We only attend to top quality liner manufacturers that closely shape each liner through a minimum that stretch to accomplish National Spa and also Pool academy standards. We"re not conscious of any kind of manufacturers that make or market a true 25 mil thick liner because that above-ground pools. In fact, most dealers, whether virtual or in-store, obtain their liners from the same limited number of manufacturers. This is why many dealers show comparable liner patterns every year. Frequently the only distinction is walking to it is in in price. Through that in mind, you re welcome be mindful of anyone that represents an above ground liner as a true 25 mil thick.

regardless the actual thickness, every our liners space backed by top-notch warranties, and you can rest assured that Family Pool funny stands behind that is products. In this instance, the 25 gauge pool liner Shelly purchase came through our traditional 25-year warranty, and we urged her to contact us if she ever experiences any problems v it during that time. We definitely want any type of customer to get in touch if over there is an problem with a liner purchased native us.

We recognize liners and also our employee understands how crucial a high quality liner is come your over ground pool. That"s why we keep such a big variety the liner patterns, shapes and sizes to pick from. It"s also why we carry a finish line that Above Ground swimming pool Liner Accessories favor Happy Bottom, wall Foam, swimming pool Cove, and other items essential for a proper pool liner installation.

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We"re proud that our swimming pool liners are made in the joined States and Canada and that customers have the right to enjoy quality pool liners from our agency for year to come. A swimming pool is an investment and we desire patrons to be happy with the pools and also products that they"ve favored from family Pool Fun, and to gain the peace of mind that our warranties offer.