One major theme that the novel "Uglies" by Scott Westerfeld is beauty comes from within, and not the external appearance. This is primarily emerged throughout the key character Tally Youngblood. This template is also established throughout conflict, plot, characterization, and setting. The main conflict of the novel is Tally versus society. Tally discovers the truth about the city and what the city hides indigenous them. Tally lives in a city the is totally controlled through the government. When you with the period of sixteen, you have an operation that renders you supermodel gorgeous. The government instills the idea right into young children"s minds the they are ugly and worthless till they have actually the "operation". They do this through teaching at school, and also government laws. The author, Scott Westefeld, continues to develop this theme throughout the duration of the plot. The story then proceeds as Tally meets a new friend named Shay who has a rebellious streak in her. Shay starts come express feelings the she doesn"t desire to have actually the "operation" and also become pretty. She wants to store her very own face and be unique and not look like everybody else. Shay climate learns of a ar where her dreams can turn right into reality. This ar is called the "Smoke". Shay then disappears, and leaves behind a collection of coded directions that just Tally have the right to understand. However, city officials have actually been gradually coming aware of the notorious "Smoke" end the last couple of years and also they don"t favor it to say the least. They offer Tally and also ultimatum: revolve her girlfriend in, or never come to be pretty. Tally has dreamed of becoming pretty ever due to the fact that she to be a tiny girl, for this reason she makes the danger trek come the smoke. The agents provide her a pendant come wear that she need to activate only once she get the exhilaration so the the unique agents have the right to come and collect her. As soon as she arrives, Tally starts to favor the Smoke and also all the it stands for. She bond v shay grows stronger, and also something inside of she changes. The Smoke stands for freedom, independence, and individuality. Tally realizes the she no longer wants to be favor everybody else. She wants to be an individual also if it way not being pretty. Life is going good for Tally, she makes new friends and also a boy, however, she still has actually the threat hanging over her head like a personal storm cloud. She hates lying to everybody she cares about, but she is still contempt torn around leaving the only life she"s ever before known behind. Then, her friend David takes she to meet his parents. They room the really people who began the Smoke plenty of years back. They tell her a shocking truth around the city. Tally no much longer feels worried around her decision. She destroys the pendant. But the following morning every little thing goes awry. Westerfeld occurred the template by his setting of the Smoke. The Smoke readjusted Tally"s decision due to the fact that she witnessed that she can be happy in a place full of "ugly" people. She appreciated spending time v the world she loved much more than coming to be just another pretty face.

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Review the book to uncover out what happens following with Tally and also the Smoke. Friend just could be surprised.