There are plenty of themes current throughout the novel Elijah of Buxton. College student can check out this by identify a design template themselves or, in an “envelope activity”, wherein they are given a template to track throughout their reading. Then, student can create a storyboard portraying the instances of that template from the text. Teacher may likewise ask students to illustrate more than one theme and also how it influences the story.

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Examples that Themes in Elijah of BuxtonFreedomSlaveryEmpathyHumilityGenerosityFamilyOpportunityTrickeryCommunityEducationIdentityFriendshipBraveryDeterminationHope
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Due Date:

Objective: produce a storyboard the identifies recurring themes in Elijah that Buxton. Highlight instances of every theme and write a short description listed below each cell.

Student Instructions:

Click "Start Assignment".Identify the themes from Elijah that Buxton you great to include and write castle in the location box.Create picture for an example that represents this design template using suitable scenes, characters, and items.Write a quick description of every of the examples.Save and submit her storyboard.
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Grade Level 6-8

Difficulty Level 3 (Developing to Mastery)

Type of Assignment Individual

Type that Activity: Themes, symbols & Motifs

Common core Standards


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Create a storyboard the identifies recurring themes in the story. Show instances of each and write a quick description that explains the example"s significance.
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Identify Theme(s)
All themes are correctly established as important recurring object or message in the story.
Some themes are properly identified, however others are missing or carry out not make sense with the story.
No themes are appropriately identified.
All instances support the determined themes. Descriptions plainly say why examples are significant.
Most examples fit the established themes. Explanation say why examples are significant.
Most examples do no fit the determined themes. Descriptions room unclear.
Storyboard cells plainly show connection with the themes and aid with understanding.
Most storyboard cells aid to present the themes, yet some storyboard cell are difficult to understand.
Storyboard cells execute not help in expertise the themes.
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Elijah the Buxton




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