The City that Ember is the just light in the dark world. Past Ember, the darkness go on forever in all directions. As soon as the children of the city the Ember finish school, they start work in ~ 12 year of age. . . .

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Lina Mayfleet desperately desires to be a messenger. Messengers spend their days outside, to run from one corner of the city come the other. Instead, she paint, etc the dreaded task of Pipeworks laborer, which way she’ll be grounding in tunnels deep underground.Doon Harrow draws messenger—and asks to trade through Lina! Doon desires to be underground. That’s where the generator is, and Doon has ideas around how to settle it. Because that as long as anyone can remember, the good lights the Ember have kept the countless darkness the surrounds the city at bay. Yet now the lights are beginning to flicker.When Lina finds pieces of an ancient parchment, she and also Doon put the pieces with each other to find a post that appears to it is in directions the end of the city. Doon and Lina like an extremely different things. Doon desires to work in the Pipeworks; Lina yearns to be a messenger. Doon likes come study how things work. Lina likes come run and also explore. However their friendship grows because they are at some point searching for the exact same thing. Just how do they match one an additional and aid one another develop with the novel? earth today has plenty of environmental and also social issues. What kind of problems could have caused the building of the City the Ember? Clary speak Lina, "Everyone has actually some darkness inside." (p. 168) Light and color both pat very key roles in the novel. In what ways, other than the failing street lamps, room color and light important? The opportunity of never-ending darkness changes many of Lina’s friends and many the the townspeople. She discovers that her girlfriend Lizzie has begun to accept things from Looper, that is stealing points from the storerooms. Why does Lina revolve down the gifts that Lizzie supplies her? perform you think that she was best to perform so? The city that Ember was developed when world were worried that the human race might not survive. Execute you think this was a an excellent plan? The market is the many corrupt personality in the novel. The squelches the thirst because that knowledge and also limits freedom, yet the majority of the townspeople just accept his behavior. Why do you think they action this way? What other actions might they have taken? world react in various means when they feeling threatened. How do the people of Ember react to danger? have you seen civilization reacting to hazard in this ways? how are Poppy’s actions crucial to the plot? at the end of the novel, Lina, Doon, and also Poppy have discovered a sunlit earth. What do you think will end up being of them in the sequel? carry out you think the there space other human being on the surface?

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