Comparativesand superlativesare varieties of adjectivesand adverbsthat are provided to compare 2 or more things or people.

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Comparativemeans to to compare one thing to another.Comparativeadjectives and also adverbs compare two thingsor people.

Comparative Adjectives:Jan is tallerthan Sally.Sally"s blue uniform is morecolorful than Jan"s pink uniform.Comparative Adverbs: Sally jumps higherthan Jan.Jan is cheering morequietly than Sally.
Superlativemeans to the highest level or the most.Superlativeadjectives and also adverbs compare three or morethings or people.

Superlative Adjectives:Mrs. Smithis the shortestperson in the group.Kate is put on the mostcolorful outfit.Superlative Adverbs: Mrs. Smithtalks mostquietly.Bob and also Sam laugh loudestat Mary"s joke.
In this lesson, you will certainly learn how to type and use comparative andsuperlative adjectives and also adverbs.

Comparative andSuperlative Adjectives

WordFormExamplesComparative RuleExamplesSuperlativeRuleExamples
One syllableadjectives ending in "e"finewiselargeAdd"r"finerwiserlargerAdd"st"finestwisestlargest
One syllableadjectives finishing with one vowel and also one consonantbigfathotDoublethe last consonant and add the suffix "er"biggerfatterhotterDoublethe last consonant and add the suffix "est"biggestfattesthottest
One syllableadjectives v two collection or finishing with 2 consonantstallsmartneatloudAddthe suffix "er"tallersmarterneaterlouderAddthe suffix "est"tallestsmartestneatestloudest
Two syllableadjectives ending in "y"prettyangryhappyChangethe "y" come "i" and include the suffix "er"prettierangrierhappierChangethe "y" to "i" and add the suffix "est"prettiestangriesthappiest
Adjectives with twoor more syllables not ending in "y"beautifulimportantdangerousDonot adjust the wordAdd words "more" before the adjectivemorebeautifulmore importantmore dangerousDonot adjust the wordAdd the word "most" before the adjectivemostbeautifulmost importantmost dangerous
Adjectives through twosyllables ending in "er", "le", "ow"gentlehollowyellowAdd the suffix "er"(If the word ends in "e", just advertisement "r")
Addthe suffix "est"(If the words end in "e", just add "st")
Of food there are exceptions come the rules.(Exception method that they perform not follow the rules.) here are simply a couple of of themost typical adjectiveexceptions.
Some 2 syllable adjectives have the right to follow two rules.Both creates of this words are grammatically correct.For example:
friendlyfriendliermore friendlyfriendliestmost friendly
quietquietermore quietquietestmost quiet
simplesimplermore simplesimplestmost simple

The elephants are the loudest animals on the boat.The giraffes space taller 보다 the penguins.The most gentle pet is the dove.The elephant is bigger 보다 the monkey.

compare andSuperlative Adverbs

Some adverbs can have comparative andsuperlative forms.They follow most of the very same rules together adjectives.
Word FormExamplesComparative RuleExamplesSuperlative RuleExamples
One syllable adverbslatesoonhardfastAdd"r" or "er"latersoonerharderfasterAdd"st" or "est"latestsoonesthardestfastest
Adverbs through two ormore syllablesoftenseldomDonot adjust the wordAdd words "more" before the adverbmoreoftenmore seldomDonot adjust the wordAdd the word "most" prior to the adverbmostoftenmost seldom
Some two syllable adverbsending in "y"earlyChangethe "y" come "i" and include the suffix "er"earlierChangethe "y" come "i" and add the suffix "est"earliest
Adverbs that finish in"ly"wiselyquietlysweetlyDo not readjust the wordAdd the word "more" prior to the adverb
Donot change the wordAdd the word "most" prior to the adverbmostwiselymost quietlymost sweetly
Most comparative and also superlative adverbs use "more" and also "most" becausethey end in "ly". Most adverbs end in "ly". Right here are some more "ly" adverbs that would usage "more" and also "most":easilyboldlybravelyfearlesslykindlylightlyopenlypolitelyproperlyrudelysafelysoftlysilentlytenderlyweakly
Of course there room exceptions come the rules. Here are simply a few of themost usual adverb exceptions.
WordComparative formSuperlative form
Farther vs Further: What is the Difference?

The an initial bear feels far better than the second bear.The 3rd bear feels the finest of all 3 bears!The bear in the middle feels the worst.
These to be the rules of forming Comparatives and also Superlatives. Now that you recognize them, the istimeto practice! Getour ESL Books!Did you recognize that you can visit Really discover English on Pinterest? Click here: Really learn English on Pinterest. You can also use this graphic to pen this page to her favorite board!

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