Square root of 68 is the number which, as soon as multiplied by itself, provides the product together 68. In this lesson, we will certainly calculate the square source of 68 by long division method along with finding the answers to the adhering to questions:

Are all even numbers perfect squares?Is the square root of 68 irrational?

Let us find the square root of 68.

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Square root of 6868 = 8.246Square the 68: 682 = 4624
1.What Is the Square source of 68?
2.Is Square root of 68 reasonable or Irrational?
3.How to discover the Square source of 68?
4.Thinking out of the Box!
5.FAQs on Square source of 68
6.Important note on Square root of 68
7.Challenging Questions

What Is the Square source of 68?

Square root is just an inverse procedure of square. In the figure presented below, 2 is the square source of 4, yet 4 is a perfect square. Go that average that number that room not perfect squares cannot have actually a square root?


Non-square numbers have the right to have a square root, yet they will not be whole numbers.The square root of 68 is stood for as √68. The square root of 68 is the number which once multiplied to itself offers us the an outcome as 68.During old times, Greeks found a number that can not be written in the type of p/q, whereby p, q room integers and q ≠ 0.

Is the Square root of 68 Rational or Irrational?

A number the cannot it is in expressed together a ratio of two integers is one irrational number. The decimal type of the irrational number will be non-terminating (i.e. It never ends) and also non-recurring (i.e. The decimal part of the number never ever repeats a pattern). Now let united state look at the square source of 68.√68 = 8.24621125124. Perform you think the decimal part stops after 8.24621125124? No, it is never-ending and you cannot uncover a sample in the decimal part. Thus, the square source of 68 is one irrational number.

How to uncover the Square root of 68?

We can find the square source of 68 using assorted methods.1. Recurring Subtraction2. Prime Factorization3. Estimation and also Approximation4. Long Division

Square source of 68 by prime Factorization

Let"s shot finding the square root of 68 using prime factorization.Prime administrate of 68 = 2 × 2 × 17Therefore, √68 = (2 × 2 × 17) = 2172√17 is in the lowest kind and can not be streamlined further. Thus, we have expressed the square source of 68 in the radical form. Can you try and express the square root of 26 in a comparable way?

Square root of 68 by Long division Method

The worth of the square root of 68 by long division method consists of the following steps.

Step 1: Find the largest number whose square is less than or same to the number 68. Take this number together the divisor and also the quotient (8 in this case). Divide and also write the remainder.Step 2: In the quotient, placed a decimal suggest after 8. Lug down two zeroes to the best of the remainder. So, the new dividend is 400.Step 3: Double the divisor. Now a component of the divisor is 16. Think of a number whose product is very close come 400 and also that is much less than or equal to 400. 2 will be the following quotient. Now we obtain our new divisor together 162, together 162 × 2 = 324. Execute the department and acquire the remainder. Step 4: Repeat this process up to three decimal places.


Explore square roots using illustrations and also interactive examples

Think Tank:

Can friend think of any kind of perfect square number after 68?Since (√(-68)2)= 68, have the right to we say the √(-68) is additionally a square source of 68?

Challenging Questions:

What is the value of the square root of 682?Simplify ((68)½)½Determine the square source of 268.

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Important Notes:

The square source of 68 in the radical form is expressed together 68In exponent form, the square root of 68 is expressed together 68½The actual roots of 68 are ±8.24.