Flo Rida has actually some song that are fine for tweens and young teens, however this is not among them.

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The song"s title is a euphemism for dental sex, supported by countless of the thinly veiled lyrics: "Can you punch my whistle infant ... Girl I"m gonna show you exactly how to do it and we start actual slow / You just put her lips together and also you come genuine close."

Parents require to recognize that the track "Whistle" is about oral sex, although that term is not provided directly. The song"s chorus -- "Can you blow my whistle, baby" -- is adhered to by numerous other lines v an obvious double-meaning, in addition to a recommendation to drinking champagne. Flo Rida has some song that are fine for tweens and young teens, but this is not among them.

Common sense Media should suggest a lot stronger warning 보다 3 bullets for sexual content...given the subject is dental sex. It is a catchy tune, so your kids w... Proceed reading
This tune came out once I to be six. I had actually no idea what this track ment however I believed that it was the ideal song ever.
This song is ridiculously inappropriate. They must not be allowed to play the on the radio. What kind of human being would do a song prefer this. Really!! Also, the... Proceed reading

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