America is approaching the one-year anniversary that the country"s an initial confirmed case of COVID-19, and also the pandemic is as terrible as ever, through the country averaging well over 200,000 new cases and thousands the deaths per day. Yet there"s a irradiate at the end of the tunnel, many thanks to the vaccines that space being distributed throughout the country. While there"s still some rough road ahead, there might be hope because that the finish of the pandemic.

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Ford, the above American motor automobile manufacturer, is encouraging civilization to stay solid and organize on until the dilemm is over with a new commercial title "Finish Strong," i m sorry was developed by the advertising team GTB, Ford"s primary creative agency.

The 30-second ad features clip of medical specialists suiting increase behind challenge shields to care for the sick, a barber cutting a customer"s hair with both of lock in masks, and also a father bringing residence toilet record for his family while the unmistakable voice of Bryan Cranston narrates. "Let"s hold the line," Cranston says. "Protect it. Fight because that it. Sacrifice because that it. Let"s look out for every other."

As Cranston assures that "we room so close," the footage switches to pictures of life before the pandemic, consisting of a music festival, a wedding in a church, and also people hugging. "Touching, loving, living. Let"s finish strong."

All the while, a soulful R&B-inflected pop song plays in the background, providing the advertising an uplifting and also inspiring feel. If you"re wonder what that track is, we"ve acquired the answer.

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The uplift is listed by sweden singer Nano, and also it"s his 2017 single "Hold On."

The lyrics for "Hold On" are about perseverance in the challenge of adversity. "I close my eyes and also pray for a break," Nano sings at the start of the song. "I can see every little thing going mine way. I take a deep breath as I hear my children play. And I know I obtained to be brave."

"You gotta have the patience and believe you"re gonna make it -– Gotta host on," Nano sings in the pre-chorus. "I understand you"re crying ~ above the inside but you fake that "til you make it –- Gotta host on."

It"s a relocating message for anyone, yet Nano sings it from personal experience, having had legal issues that sent out him come jail together a young man, which retained him far from his budding family. The turned his life around and also focused ~ above his music, and eventually make his method to the Melodifestivalen 2017, Sweden"s qualifying occasion for the famous Eurovision track Contest, the popular music music extravaganza lovingly spoofed in the Netflix movie of the same name. "Hold On" come in second, and went ~ above to optimal at number 4 top top the Sverigetopplistan, the Swedish document chart.

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"Hold On" is the perfect song to carry the message of perseverance and also faith that we"ll obtain through this, i beg your pardon is something us all must hear best now.