The point of view Oak Tree on John’s Island, southern Carolina, stands tall and also proud, dispersing its branches end a span of nearly 200 feet. To stand in its zero is come behold among the rare sights of oh my god creation. Approximated to be in between 400-500 years old, the is well-known as among the oldest living points in the unified States.

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Acorns have the right to be pesky little things. Action on one barefooted. Try raking them up from your yard. A everyday walk amongst oaks can become target practice for fall acorns, plopping on heads or do a pathway seem prefer a floor littered through marbles. Big oak trees deserve to drop approximately 10,000 acorns in what is called a mast (or boom) year, arising every 2 to 3 years.

Every acorn, however, has actually the potential to morph into a mighty oak, slowly however surely establishing its roots and expanding the height and breadth to come to be a marvel of nature. I am in awe the the initial work-related of the acorn-destined-to-become-an-oak starts its trip in the darkness that winter, once all about seems dreary and also lifeless. In the middle of darkness, life begins.

Seven years ago, I became witness come the birth trip of a tiny boy, mine great-nephew, born in the darkness the winter. I wrote about him in 2012: “We recognize now the Tanner is suffering an unexpected and unplanned journey. In ~ 24 weeks, his mother"s water broke. Now they both reside in the hospital till he is born, with a medical team the is functioning to expand his time in the womb so the he has actually an optimal possibility to proceed to grow and also develop before birth…

“…Even at 3 pounds and also still hidden from us, Tanner is touching our lives. That is uniting us and also strengthening the bonds we currently have. So, together and individually, we market a prayer of thanksgiving and also hope for Tanner.”

Wednesday night, Tanner’s parents, brother, grandparents and I readily available a new prayer the thanksgiving and also hope for Tanner. Us watched through anticipation together his baseball team come from behind in the final inning of the title game to come to be season champions. Tanner overcame one initial dislike the the an ext structured team setting to learn some the the fundamentals that the game, to find out to hear to his coaches, to find out to cheer his teammates and to find out to expropriate defeat and victory.

He also experienced firsthand the type of cheering that sustained his life together he struggled to remain in his mummy womb long sufficient to be provided as lot of a opportunity as possible for the life he now lives. He’ll never know just how we cheered earlier in 2011, but he knows how we cheer currently – v enthusiasm, with joy, through encouragement, through pats top top the back, v love.

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Tanner’s life started in the midst of winter’s darkness, however now that shines in the seasons of light. Just like the acorn the finds its roots in darkness, Tanner has actually received root of love and also gratitude that have actually helped him construct into a sort young boy through a generous and also sensitive heart. His roots are developing more strongly v each pass year.




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