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In Gary Paulsen"s novel Hatchet, "the secret" is hinted at from the start of the book. Indigenous the very first page, readers understand that Brian"s parental are obtaining a divorce and that there have actually been several secrets, consisting of "the secret." yet it isn"t till Chapter four that readers...

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In Gary Paulsen"s novel Hatchet, "the secret" is hinted at from the beginning of the book. Native the an initial page, readers know that Brian"s parents are getting a divorce and that there have actually been many secrets, including "the secret." however it isn"t until Chapter 4 that readers discover the details of this secret. Chapter three details the aircraft crash that stranded Brian in the Minnesota wilderness. Chapter four opens with Brian"s memory of "the secret." Brian is in the airplane as that is crashing and also has piece of the storage flash v his mind. Flashes of "the secret" space that he to be at the mall with his girlfriend Terry and also saw his mom sitting in a strange car with a male Brian didn"t know.

Terry had first turned to laugh at him around something and Brian looked end Terry"s head and also saw her. His mother. She to be sitting in a station wagon, a strange wagon. He saw her and she did not see him. Brian to be going to tide or contact out, however something stopped him. There was a man in the car. Quick blond hair, the man had. Attract some sort of white pullover tennis shirt. Brian experienced this and also more, observed the an enig and saw an ext later, but the memory came in pieces, come in scenes prefer this—Terry smiling, Brian looking end his head to check out the terminal wagon and also his mommy sitting v the man, the time and temperature clock, the former wheel of his bike, the quick blond hair the the man, the white shirts of the man, the hot-hate slices of the storage were exact. The Secret. Brian opened up his eyes and also screamed.

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This is all that readers discover in thing Three and Four around "the secret." Readers learn that this memory fills Brian through hate, that he remembers this suffer in vivid detail, including what the clock and the temperature to be at the time. We can infer this brought about the divorce, however nothing else is said around the an enig at this point in the novel.