The narrator is India Opal Buloni, ten-year-old girl; the novel"s perspective is first-person limited

The significant conflict is Opal"s trip to fight her loneliness and also to conquer her distance from her father and her sadness about her mother having abandoned them. V the help of Winn-Dixie, she must discover to deal with these obstacles and create a fulfilling life for herself in her community.

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Winn-Dixie goes missing after it begins to storm in ~ the garden party. Opal insists that she and also her father venture out in the rain to search for the lost dog. During their search, Opal fights through her father. She tells her father that he didn"t try hard enough to make her mom stay. Opal"s father division down and also cries together he tells Opal that he did try to make her mom stay and that the still loves her however he is thankful that she left him.

The first roll of thunder in ~ the begin of the party foreshadows both the storm and also Winn-Dixie"s reaction to it.

One of the party guest observes the Winn-Dixie dislikes storms, i beg your pardon is a vast understatement together he is pathologically fear of them.

Opal alludes come Margaret Mitchell"s novel "Gone through The Wind" as soon as she is inspired to arrangement her party.

"By then ns was deep in the jungle. There to be every kind of thing growing everywhere. There were flowers and also vegetables and also trees and also vines."

Opal explains Gloria Dump"s garden together being like a tropical in order to emphasize how huge and lush that is. The setting is imbued with a feeling of magic, which helps the Dewberry boys" claim that Gloria intake is a witch. Every reference to Gloria"s home mentions the wild and overgrown nature of she yard.

Opal saves Winn-Dixie native going to the pound, but it is actually Winn-Dixie who rescues Opal and brings her and her dad closer together.

There is a parallel in between the woe Amanda feels end the fatality of she younger brother and the woe Opal feels end the absence of she mother.

"The whole church to be laughing and also clapping" actually means that the people inside the church to be laughing and clapping. "The church" here is a metonym offered to represent every one of the congregation members.

On Gloria"s wrong tree, Opal imagines the wine and also liquor bottles knocking roughly in the wind as chattering around the negative things that Gloria has actually done.

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adjective. If someone"s face is pinched, that looks thin and also pale, usually because they space ill or old. Her face was pinched and drawn.