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First recorded before 900; middle English; Old English thēof; cognate with Dutch dief,German Dieb,Old norseman thjōfr,Gothic thiufs
Thief, robber describe one who steals. A thief takes the products or home of one more by stealth without the latter's knowledge: prefer a thief in the night. A robber trespasses top top the house, property, or person of another, and also makes away with things of value, even at the cost of violence: A robber organized up two women on the street.

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thick skin, thick-skinned, thick-skulled, thick-tailed ray, thick-witted, thief, thef ant, theif in the night, prefer a, thief, thieves, thiemia, thienylalanine

A thief is a person who steals, particularly in secret and there is no using pressure or violence.

The plural of thief is thieves. The connected noun theft refers to the act or an instance of stealing.

In general, deliberately taking something that doesn’t belong come you renders you a thief. the word most generally refers come a human who steals money or physical property, however a thief deserve to steal various other things, such together ideas, information, or intellectual property.

The indigenous thief generally refers to a human being who steals without anyone noticing, at least not when the theft is acquisition place. In contrast, a person who steals by making use of force, violence, or threats of pressure or violence would more likely be dubbed a robber. Still, words thief is used normally to describe someone who steals. In this way, a robber is a kind of thief.

Most instances of theft are crimes, yet a person could still be dubbed a thief if they’ve cursed a theft that won’t gain them arrested. Girlfriend might speak to your sibling a thief when they steal a cookie from her plate, for example.

Example: i don’t treatment that he only stole a couple of things—he stole them, and also that provides him a thief.

The very first records of the word thief come from before the year 900. It originates from the Old English thēof.

There is no shortage of ways to it is in a thief, and also many the them have actually a particular name. Part thieves steal tiny things. A small thief is who who has a document of little thefts. A shoplifter is a thief that steals from sleeve stores. Part thieves steal an useful items. Arts thieves, jewel thieves, and also car thieves are common personalities in popular music culture. A pickpocket is a thief that steals things, such as wallets or watches, directly from people’s pockets or from your body.

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A burglary is a thief who breaks into or otherwise unlawfully start a home or company to stealing valuables. However, while burglars can be dubbed thieves in general, this form of theft is more likely to be labeled together robbery, since it likewise involves trespassing on someone’s property and also invading their space.