I have a vague memory of something. I have actually a vivid memory of something.

So room they opposites?



In that one use (in relation to memories), it could be suggested that they are.

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I have a vague memory the something.

Means I can barely remember it yet I have the right to remember the a tiny bit.

I have actually a vivid memory that something.

Means I have actually a really strong, clear storage with numerous details.

In general, though, they room not opposites and also would not be supplied together..

A photo with "vivid colors" might not be compared to a picture with "vague colors"... I"m not also sure what the means. The common opposite would certainly be "muted colors".

If you have a "vague idea" about how you"re walk to execute something, the human being who knows exactly how they are going to carry out it would have a "clear idea".

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Vivid method stimulating, bright, loud, lively.

Vague means "imprecise" and also is usually used for relenten someone"s indigenous or communication. The isn"t supplied to define the visual look of something really much. I would not speak to a work of arts "vague", because that example, unless the job-related of arts was to plan to communicate something (like a sign) and failed.

Dull is a far better antonym the vivid, together it deserve to mean points that are not stimulating, no bright, no loud, no lively, "boring", etc.

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In relationship to a memory (of something), you might say the they are opposites v a measure of certainty, but there space instances in literature when the writer supplies them as adjectives that do not exclude each other:

But imagination is "merely the vivid but vague combination of images with passion," when reason, the governing faculty of physical science, associates photos "according to truth observed in nature" (Jonathan Smith, 1994)

Sapir and also Whorf"s works on this issue tend to be vivid yet vague, together the following quotation indigenous Whorf illustrates: we dissect nature follow me lines laid down by our indigenous languages. (Paul Elbourne, 2011)

And specifically this quote:

My memory of the occasions that followed is both vivid and also vague. Lively is the emotional climate - a sense of relief around the change, around being maybe to leaving this accursed place, wherein we had actually spent almost two year - 2 painful, frightened, and also hungry years. Vague room details the geography, that people. (Lilka Trzcinska-Croydon, 2004)

Still, the truth that this latter writer feeling the require to define why her storage is both vivid and vague shows that "a lively memory" the something would certainly in many (or most?) contexts it is in in opposition to "a faint memory" of something.

Here"s an additional example through "memory":

There is support of this type for the idea that memory because that trauma have the right to be both exceptionally vivid and vague or disorganized, depending on how the research is conducted and what kind of storage is targeted. (Friedman et al., 2014)

One more radical antonym come vague through respect to a storage (of something) is most likely distinct:

Pete Doherty: "I have actually a distinct memory of friends I had at institution whose parents were, for desire of a better word, bohemian.

It would be harder come say "my memory of that endure is both distinct and also vague" compared with vivid and vague, IMHO.

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With "vivid and vague" we can have a department of labor: a storage is "emotionally vivid" however "factually vague". But it"s hard to have actually an "emotionally distinct" or "emotionally vague" memory, so this department of job is much less possible.