inquiry Why space some aspects on the periodic Table represented by letters that have no clear link to their names?


Some elements were recognized in old times and also therefore bring over their Latin names.

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Periodic Table. 2019. Photograph by N. Hanacek. Nationwide Institute of standards and technology (NIST).

There are eleven facets represented in the periodic table by letters not in line with their names:

Sodium (Na – Natrium)Potassium (K – Kalium)Iron (Fe – Ferrum)Copper (Cu – Cuprum) silver (Ag – Argentum)Tin (Sn – Stannum)Antimony (Sb – Stibium)Tungsten (W – Wolfram)Gold (Au – Aurum)Mercury (Hg – Hydrargyrum) command (Pb – Plumbum)

Nearly every one of these aspects were known in ancient times and therefore bring over your Latin names. Several of the names additionally led to various other words the are usual in the English language. For example, plumbum, Latin for Lead (Pb), is whereby we get the indigenous plumber and plumbing, due to the fact that lead was offered in water it is provided pipes for centuries.

Other name have various origins. Because that instance, hydrargyrum, the Latin name for Mercury (Hg), was taken native the original Greek hydrargyros, which intended “water silver.” likewise historically well-known as “quicksilver,” element mercury is a glowing silver metal that is fluid at room temperature.

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Table of varieties of elements and also explanation of key showing various chemical elements and their atomic weights. Between 1808-1827. In A brand-new system of chemistry philosophy by man Dalton. Prints & Photographs Division, Library the Congress.

Tungsten it s okay its W symbol from its German name Wolfram. Wolfram originates from wolframite, which was among the ores in i beg your pardon tungsten to be most frequently found. The surname Tungsten itself is actually Swedish and translates right into English together “heavy stone.”

The native potassium stems native the English “pot ash,” i beg your pardon was supplied to isolate potassium salts. We acquire K native the surname kalium, given by the German chemist boy name Heinrich Klaproth, which stemmed indigenous alkali, which stemmed indigenous the Arabic al-qalyah, or “plant ashes.”

The etymology of aspect names can take you on a terrific adventure and you can be surprised by wherein you end up. Inspect out the more reading section for books on the history of chemistry elements. 

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